Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- The Wilson Atomatoys Factory is located in the far southeast of the Commonwealth, on the edges of the ruined town of Quincy. You’ll probably run into the Factory when you come under fire by its resident Super Mutants if you travel through the area. Helping Nick Valentine out will also bring you to this general section of the Commonwealth.

- The Wilson Atomatoys Factory is surrounded by negativity. There are Raiders inhabiting the Quincy Quarries to the north, and Gunners seem to like hanging out near the Red Rocket Garage that’s between the two locations. Tread cautiously unless you plan on getting into a big, annoying firefight. The Garage is a good place for cover if you’re caught in the open.

- The Factory itself is not that large, and it’s inhabited by a powerful contingent of Super Mutants. They have the usual range of ranged and melee combatants, and mixed in with them is their leader, a Super Mutant Overlord. There’s also a named Super Mutant called Big Mack who sits inside the Factory, and he can cause you considerable trouble with his Minigun. None are easy. You have some options:
  • Sneak in. Given that the Factory is both small and surrounded by crappy fences, this isn’t very difficult. Stay in the bushes or behind any cover you can find and pick off the Super Mutants one-by-one. They will be alerted to your presence quickly, but you can retreat from the Factory in a hurry if they cause you too much trouble. Watch out for Frag Mines around the entrance of the Factory.
  • Go in guns blazing. If you lead the Super Mutants around the building you can avoid fighting all of them at once. Surprisingly not that difficult, especially if you manage to guide any other groups nearby into duking it out with the Mutants.
  • Snipe from a distance. The area around the Factory is quite flat, but there’s a fair amount of cover from which you can snipe. This can be especially useful for Sneak Attacking Big Mack through the Factory’s northern window, where he usually lingers. Be ready to move in a hurry between shots to avoid having your cover blown.

- Once you’ve dispatched the Super Mutants - mind that some will probably stay inside the Factory regardless of how noisy you are - check the burnt-out, ruined wreckage of the place. There are a few things to find:
  • There’s a Fusion Core stuck into a generator on the south side of the building. Continue skirting around the edge of the building to the east to find a Vault-Tec Lunchbox, beside a skeleton with a suitcase.
  • Check the body of the Overlord for the Wilson Atomatoys ID Card. There’s another one on a desk on the second floor. You can use either of these to open a security door on the first floor. There are Giddyup Buttercup Toy Parts in here, and you can return these to a Ghoul named Arlen at The Slog (northeast Commonwealth settlement) for a monetary reward.
  • The lower floor is littered with body parts from Giddyup Buttercups. They’re excellent (if weighty) sources of Steel, Springs, Screws, and Gears.
  • There’s a steamer trunk on the north side of the second floor, near Big Mack. (Or his corpse. In my case, his pile of ash.) You can find a Super Mutant Aviator Cap beside the trunk, and some Super Mutant Light Armor up on the roof. Yay for Super Mutant gear!