Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- South Boston Police Department is located in the east of the Commonwealth, and more specifically in the southeast of Boston. You’ll find it near the docks, a short (but relatively violent) walk to the west from the Castle. The chances are pretty good you located it by heading to the Castle for the Minutemen, but you may also have stumbled upon it on your own.

- The streets around the Police Department are largely blocked off by barriers, and you’ll have to head to the north or south to get around ‘em. There are Raiders in the area, but they won’t put up a ton of resistance unless you make a lot of noise. Even then it’s not that difficult to just sneak to the front door.

- Before heading inside, look just a little ways south of the Police Department. There’s a dude named Parker on the side of the street who will try to sell you a Charge Card for 110 caps. He claims you can use the Card with vendors, but he’s a lying sack of hoo-hah. If you buy the Card you can kill him before he leaves and get your money back. (None of your companions seem to mind overly much, either.)

- There’s an Expert terminal to your left just inside the door. Using it will open a cell to your right which contains an ammo bag. A second terminal, behind the front desk, will add two new locations to your map: Quincy Police Station and Nahant Sheriff’s Department.

- There are two Mongrels on the second floor, and a Radroach on the wall of the smaller, closed interrogation room up here. Easy pickings. There are several things to find on the second floor, as well:
  • Junk. There’s always junk. Given the excess of Coffee Cups, this is a decent place to harvest Ceramic.
  • There’s a Novice locked terminal here that will activate a nearby Protectron. Unless you plan on destroying the poor chap, this robot is almost completely useless.
  • You can find the Eddie Winter Holotape 7 in the side office with the American flag. This is probably the reason you’re here in the first place. There’s also an Expert wall safe in here.

- Done. Yep. I've come to the conclusion that Boston's police stations are all really small.