Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- Malden Center is located, predictably enough, in the middle of Malden. It’s nestled between the Slocum’s Joe Corporate HQ and the Medford Memorial Hospital, southeast of Sanctuary. You’re most likely to head out this way as part of a Quartermastery quest for Scribe Haylen of the Brotherhood of Steel, though it’s not that difficult to find through sheer exploration either.

- Malden Center is fairly dangerous to explore on the outside. There are Super Mutants around the Hospital, Synths around the outside of the subway’s entrance, and Bloodbugs on the outside of town. If you’re sneaky you can watch the Synths and the Super Mutants blow each other to crap while you stealth into the subway, though watch out for a Suicider among the Super Mutants.

- Before entering, check out the police station that’s more or less attached to Malden Center. There’s not a ton inside, but you can find the Eddie Winter Holotape 2 sitting on a desk on the second floor, next to a terminal. The terminal can unveil new locations.

- At the bottom of the escalators you’ll come under attack by a pair of Synths. Trash ‘em, then hve a look around on your left for an ammo box. There’s a chained door on your right, forcing you to go down the left stairs to the subway platforms. Check a Nuka Cola machine on your right for a Nuka Cola Quantum before heading downstairs.

- There are several Synths on the initial platform, and they’re tougher than the ones you faced above. Be careful engaging them aloud, as there are more Synths in rooms to your left, and they can shoot from a long distance to hit you. Use the train on your left as cover, then go through the train to reach the opposite platform and take out the remaining Synths.

- Check the south side of the train, down on the tracks, to find a Fat Man. Besides that and a Caps Stash / Bobby Pin Box behind the counter over here, there’s not much to see. (Watch out for a mine laid behind said counter.)

- If you proceed north through the train you’ll find Synths waiting at the other end. This passage loops around to an Advanced locked door. If you just headed north on the platform you’ll find the other side of the advanced door, probably watched by another Synth. Both paths lead to an elevator regardless. You will see ample evidence of Synth-on-Raider combat along the way.

- The elevator takes you to a maintenance room with two more Synths. Trash ‘em. There’s plenty of junk ‘round here, as well as a Fusion Core. Take a right through the hole in the wall and, after a short, twisty-turny passage, you’ll find an open area where a firefight between Synths and Raiders is taking place. You’ll have to take ‘em all down, but the Raiders seem to have a bit of an advantage, so maybe focus on them a little first.

- Once the area is cleared out you can have a look around. There’s ammo aplenty just about everywhere here, and if you check the orange train car in the north you can find a copy of Tumblrs Today sitting under a duffel bag. In the southwest you can find a shack containing a steamer trunk full of more weaponry options, as well as a Weapons Workbench. Last, just before you go through the door in the southwest, there’s a heap of junk piled against the wall with a Mini Nuke sitting on top.

- The southwest exit leads to an elevator. Check the shelves beside the elevator for some ammo and Stimpaks, then hop aboard. It will take you up to the other side of the chained door, and, from there, the entrance.