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Hub 360 is an unmarked location in the east of Boston, and given that its entrance consists of a few unremarkable doors it’s very easy to miss. You’re most likely to find Hub 360 if you get it as part of a quest for an NPC, as that’s the only way a marker indicating its presence will appear on the map. You can nevertheless find it by searching the buildings to the east of the Combat Zone and south of Goodneighbor.

Hub 360 is owned by Super Mutants, and they’re hostile to your presence. There’s a significant contingent of the bastards standing guard out front, and unless you decide to sneak in you’ll be facing quite a battle. None of them are Suiciders, which is both good and bad, but there’s otherwise a fairly even split between melee and ranged attacks that will force you to move around a lot. Be careful of attacks from above, as several Super Mutants are on walkways above the street.

The interior of Hub 360 is split into three areas:
  • You’re more likely to find one of two ground floor entrances on your first visit. There are two Super Mutants down here that will attack you rather promptly. Look out for mines when skulking around down here. An elevator will take you to the upper floors.
  • Speaking of which, the upper floors. After the elevator ride you’ll wind up in a room filled with rubble and watched over by another Super Mutant. There are two doors in this area’s two levels, the lower leading to a balcony, the upper to a pool. Both have more Super Mutants. The pool area leads to the Fallen Skybridge, which you can use to enter Hub 360 in the first place, if you want to skip the Super Mutants by the front door. (The tradeoff? Gunners.) An elevator here will take you further up Hub 360.
  • The final elevator will take you to the roof. There’s a Super Mutant Master up here - watch your footing while fighting - and a box of goodies to collect once he’s dead.
The alleyway you need to use to reach
the Jackpot cache in Hub 360.

There’s a good chance you came here for P.A.M.’s Jackpot quest, and finding the cache she wants in Hub 360 can be really confusing if you try to follow waypoints alone. The cache is in a separate room that you can’t access just by going through Hub 360, as outlined above. There are two ways to access it:
  • If you’re running around on foot normally, return to the ground, leave the building, and look in the alley on the west side of Hub 360. There’s a staircase here leading to the roof of the building beside Hub 360. You can use this staircase and the building beyond to leap over to another entrance to Hub 360. Through here you’ll find the fake wall and the cache behind it.
  • If you have a Power Armor with a jet pack attached you can reach this area through the elevator on the second floor. Open the door into the elevator shaft, then jump up and jet straight up, hugging the wall. If you aim properly you’ll pop out into this area. The cache is just down the hall.