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Prerequisites: Complete When Freedom Calls
Trigger: Speak to Blake Abernathy
Reward: 343 XP, 100 Bottlecaps

- Returning the Favor is a little off the beaten path, though not by much. In order to get the quest you must first visit the Abernathy Farm. It’s built into the base of a huge electrical tower, just south of Sanctuary and west of Concord. You’ll find the Abernathies in or around the farm, depending on the time of the day.

- (Coincidentally, they have a number of crops, notably a big patch of Melons. If you need to steal some food for Sanctuary, this is a good place to do it.)

- Speak to Blake in a cordial manner and he’ll eventually offer up Returning the Favor, which entails killing the Raiders who murdered his daughter in a recent raid. He says they’re likely camped out at USAF Satellite Station Olivia, located to the east of Sanctuary. It’s a quick jaunt from Tenpines Bluff, if you already visited the settlement.

- You’ll know you’re in the right area when you see a huge satellite dish in the distance, as well as plenty of wrecked military tech. There’s an abandoned suit of Power Armor hereabouts, if you need an extra, and there are a few Radstags lingering in the area that may or may not cause you some trouble. As you get closer to the Satellite you’ll also run into some Bloatflies that will cause trouble.

- Station Olivia looks abandoned at first glance, but if you look closely from a distance you can see a Raider patrolling the bottom, and another on one of the upper catwalks. Expect them to start firing if you get too close. You can sneak onto their turf via a smaller hole in the fence near the concrete building, or via a larger gap on the other side of the area.

- Once you’ve eliminated the Raiders you can explore, though there’s not much to see on the surface. The shack at the bottom of the satellite dish is fairly dull, though you’ll find 13 Fusion Cells and 32 .38 Rounds in the structure at the top of the satellite. (And a Baseball Glove? Why not.) The bulk of this area is in the concrete structure at the base of the dish, which, aside from containing some Jet, has a door into USAF Satellite Station Olivia.

The entrance to USAF Satellite Station Olivia
in Fallout 4.
USAF Satellite Station Olivia

- Stairs ahead. Be careful, as there’s a Laser Tripwire at the bottom which will mess you up if you touch it. Disable it for parts before proceeding. 

- There’s a Guard Terminal here that you can hack into to open a nearby door, if you have Advanced skillz. This terminal will pop open a nearby door, into a room with lots of cool stuff. We'll look at it later, as you can also find a key elsewhere in here. Another small room near here contains a mishmash of random stuff, but nothing terribly important. Be quiet in here…

- … because the next room over, a generator room, is guarded by a number of Raiders, including one with a freaking Minigun. You can limit the pressure on you by shooting a few of them from the windows in the guard room, which should lure the rest at you via the tunnel to your right. Take ‘em out in bottleneck fashion. This area is also large enough that you can stealth kill these dudes without too much trouble if you watch your progression. (Watch out for the dog, though. I fucking hate guard dogs!) On the lower level of this generator room is a terminal; if you're performing the Learning Curve quest for the Brotherhood of Steel much later in the game, this is the terminal you need to find.

- Once the Station is cleared out you can go looking for items. There are two Stimpaks in a bathroom on the upper floor, a Fusion Core in the generator on the lower floor, and raw supplies / ammo aplenty on the bodies and in various places throughout the lower floor. The Locket you’re looking for is in a toolbox, sitting beside a locked door in one of the side tunnels on the lower floor. 

- Speaking of the locked door, which is Novice, by the way, there are five Bobby Pins in with the Locket. Pop the door open and you’ll find a room with lots of Radroaches waiting to eat you. Kill ‘em off and have a look around. There’s a Novice wooden crate right beside the door that contains some RadAway, which, if you haven’t visited a doctor yet, should be a welcome sight indeed. You can find another RadAway behind some barrels in the back right of this room, but you’ll take a bunch of Rad damage getting it, so… maybe not worth the bother.

- There’s a Stimpak in a medkit behind some oil drums to your left, and in the back-left corner of the area (along with a Radroach jumpscare) is a case containing an Intel Room Key. This will allow you to open that locked door from earlier. Inside you’ll find a U.S. Covert Operations Manual and a Mini Nuke on the central table, as well as a crapload of ammo and explosives in the green storage locker on your right. You can also find a Novice locked safe in the right corner of the room, in a shadow; pop it open for some more assorted ammo and other sundries. (Ooo, Pre-War Money.)

Clarabel. She has two heads and a heart of gold.

- Return to the Abernathy Farm and speak to Blake again for your reward. In addition to experience and Bottlecaps you’ll gain control of their Workbench, allowing you to set up the Abernathy Farm in the same manner as Sanctuary. Give them some defensive structures to help protect their place from further incursions.