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Prerequisites: Complete When Freedom Calls
Trigger: Speak to Sturges in Sanctuary
Reward: Experience

In order to get this quest rolling you need to find Sturges. He’s in the house across from your own in Sanctuary. Talk to him and agree to help and he’ll steer you towards your first task: making some beds for the folks hereabouts. This will lead you to a major component of Fallout: constructing Sanctuary.


Sanctuary’s Workshop is found in the same building where you meet Sturges. The Workshop allows you to build Sanctuary up through the mass amounts of junk you find laying throughout the game, converting these otherwise-useless items into useful furniture, structures, resources, and other amenities. Doing so will make Sanctuary a nicer place to live, and allow you to bring in more folks to man - and defend - the town. Think of it like The Sims, but in a post-apocalyptic setting. (Note that you can ‘access’ the Workshop at any time when within Sanctuary’s boundaries - you just need to use it properly the first time.)

This may not be readily evident, but you can also use Workshop mode to clean up Sanctuary. Almost everything in Sanctuary can be Scrapped in this mode and turned into additional resources. For example, if you’re looking for Steel, you can Scrap cars, street signs, mail boxes, even entire houses that have fallen over. Don’t neglect Scrapping, as it will save you sooooo much time. Bear in mind that you can only Scrap useless items, meaning that structures which you can actually enter are un-Scrappable.

(It’s important to note that you are actually walking around when you’re in Workshop mode, despite how it may look at first. Consequently, if you get stuck on something, you need to jump. Just saying.)

In order to complete this quest you need to outfit Sanctuary with a variety of different items, and, as noted above, you need to start with beds. We’ll go through ‘em one step at a time.

A new home in Fallout 4. You can construct these
once you've started to repopulate Sanctuary.
1.) Beds

The first and easiest. There are a few different kinds of beds, but the standard variety require four pieces of Steel and five pieces of Cloth. Steel is most often found by harvesting tools - Hammers, Wrenches, and so forth - though you can most easily find it by Scrapping cars and mailboxes in Sanctuary. Cloth can be gathered from clothing items.

The other stipulation here is the necessity for sheltered beds. You can’t just throw them in the middle of the street. You can put these beds in existing houses, but you’ll find it fastest to trash one of the existing, wrecked homes, gather enough metal for a new pre-fab structure, and then toss all of the beds in there. (Makes more sense than just dumping a bed in a bathroom randomly anyway.)

2.) Clean Water

The folks of Sanctuary can drink water from the nearby stream, but that’s… unwise. As you may have discovered by now. You can get them water from Water Pumps, via the Resources menu. They’ll cost you 1 Concrete, 4 Steel, and 1 Gear, all of which you can get by trashing items around Sanctuary. Two Pumps will do it. Note that you can only put Water Pumps on dirt, which can usually be found beside house plots.

3.) Food

No surprise. Sturges wants you to plant stuff. Food items are also found under Resources, though unless you’ve already been exploring you might not have any yet. (Possibly a Tato. I picked one up somewhere.) If not, there are Melons out back of the workshop house that you can grab and replant. If you head almost directly south of Sanctuary you’ll also find a small Melon patch near a house that’s built into the bottom of an electrical tower. You need five Food to fulfill these requirements, which will probably mean ten patches of foodstuffs (though that depends on what you use).

4.) Defences

You’ve got a place going! Now you need some defences. You can access these via the Defense (yes, I’m changing between defence and defense, blame my Canadian-ness) menu. You need a Defense score of five to complete this requirement, which means either three Guard Posts (10 Wood, 4 Steel) or one Turret (8 Steel, 1 Circuitry, 2 Gears, 2 Oil). The former is easy enough; the latter will require busting up some electronics for the Circuitry, Gears, and Oil. You won’t find much of this in Sanctuary’s ruins, sadly, so you’ll probably have to ditch the town for a while. (Once I have a better source of these items I’ll chuck it in here; Oil, at least, you can get from old oil cans.)

Once you’ve completed this last requirement, speak to Sturges to end the mission. This is just the beginning of outfitting Sanctuary, though, and there’s lots more you can do to make the town into a friendly stronghold… or you can ignore it, if you want. Up to you.

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