Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Prerequisites: Complete Institutionalized
Trigger: Speak to Father
Reward: 200 XP

- After you’ve had the full tour of the Institute, return to Father in his quarters. He’ll ask you to go on a mission to eliminate a Synth that has gone rogue. Agree and he’ll give you the details and send you out to meet one of the Institute’s Courser agents.

- The area Father sends you to is called Nahant Wharf. It’s a thin pier in the northeast of the Commonwealth, on a small island to the east of the Revere Satellite Array. If you’ve gotten this far into the game the enemies out in these parts shouldn’t pose too much of a threat, though the aforementioned Array has some potent Super Mutants in attendance who can shoot you up pretty badly if you’re not careful.

- Once you reach the Wharf, nestled along a thin coastline, you’ll meet X6-88, your Courser contact. He’ll give you the skinny on the situation and insist on tagging along to take your target, Gabriel, down. X6 will fight at the drop of a hat, so be prepared for… issues… on this mission. Just saying, stealth probably won’t take you too far. If you decide to walk away from this area X6 won’t come with you, so don’t try to use him as a free companion or nuthin’.

- Enter the house X6 was guarding and go through to find the piers. These lead east to your next location, Libertalia.


- First thing’s first: Watch your step. Libertalia consists primarily of a series of narrow walkways with no handholds. It’s easy to get out of the water again if you fall in, but you’ll sacrifice time and health in the doing.

- Across the first stretch of nailed-together boards there a ramshackle ship that’s been repurposed into a building. There’s a search light here that can give you trouble if you come through at night. There are also several Raiders who will respond to it if you’re caught. There’s an Expert locked storage cage on the left side of this ship; pop inside to find some ammo, as well as an Advanced safe with more ammo.

- The path to the ship on your left is fruitless, so go up the stairs to the top of the first ship and take a right. The next ship over has a few items in its small piloting station. You’re likely to get shot at from here, as there are Raiders nearby. Be ready.

- The path splits here. If you take a left you’ll find a sparser series of boats that lead, eventually, to a makeshift gondola. It will take you over to the main base of Libertalia. If you continue straight you’ll find a long, meandering path across many more boats, eventually culminating in a platform with several cages. From here you’ll have to jump into the water and swim over to the small platform at the bottom of the main base. You’ll find more items going the latter route, but you’ll also run into far more enemies, as well as a few Turrets. Your call.

- There are plenty of Raiders on the main structure of Libertalia, and unless you somehow managed to ditch X6 you’ll probably have to fight them all. Expect to have gunfights on every level. The quarters are close enough that this is a good place for melee brawls, as well. There’s not a whole lot to see, though one of the sleeping quarters near the top has an Advanced safe with an assortment of swag inside.

- Gabriel’s in the Captain’s Cabin on the top floor. Once inside, X6 will give you a reset code for Gabriel. That done, you can look around. Straight ahead and sitting on a yellow box is a named gun called Le Fusil Terribles, and in the room on your left, beside the terminal, is a safe with some ammo inside. 

- In the room on the right is a ladder that will take you to the roof, where Gabriel is waiting. You now have some options, but they always amount to the same thing: fighting the Raiders. Gabriel himself gets taken out of the fight no matter what you do, but if you’re convincing enough you can get him to give you the Libertalia Password. The safe it opens, behind you on the roof, contains some odds and ends. Nothing amazing.

- Zip back to the Institute. Speak to Father and he’ll have quarters arranged for you. They’re located on the third floor of the Institute’s south cluster of apartments. Stepping inside the apartment will trigger The Battle of Bunker Hill.