Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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Prerequisites: Enter Goodneighbor
Trigger: Speak to Bobbi
Reward: Varies; see below - always get 327 XP

- There are two ways to catch the scent of this quest. The first is to wander around Goodneighbor and speak to people. Someone will, eventually, mention looking to someone named Bobbi for work. The other (and you need to do this anyway) is to go down a thin alleyway off the street that connects the front of Goodneighbor with the rest. (It’s easy to miss. Look on your right.)

- There’s a door at the end of the alley, and Bobbi will pop up and ask for your help with a job. Agree and she’ll pop the door open and let you in, starting the quest. Head into Bobbi’s Place and look around. (This area doesn’t count as ‘owned’, for whatever reason, so you can steal whatever you like.) Check upstairs and you can find an Advanced terminal to hack into for some info; otherwise, head downstairs. Bobbi provides details, scant details, on what you’ll be doing.

- Go through the nearby door to find a tunnel. There are two workers down here who will rush out after they discover several Mirelurks. Enter the room they ran out of and you’ll find all three Mirelurks one level down. You can easily shotgun all three to death on the stairs. That done, walk back into the previous room and chat with Bobbi. She’ll tell you to head to Diamond City.

Mel, robotics expert and prisoner of Diamond City in Fallout 4.
Looks suspiciously like a grizzled, older Seth Green.
Diamond City

- Make the trip to Diamond City’s commercial district, right in the middle of town. The noodle shop Bobbi tells you to visit is pretty much the centre of Diamond City, and Bobbi herself, masked, is sitting at one of the stools. Have a seat and she’ll explain your mission: you need to get a dude named Mel out of jail. He’s being held by Diamond City Security at the moment.

- You’ll find Diamond City Security on the far west side of Diamond City, a few streets away from the noodle shop. Mel is sitting in the central caged, watched by several guards. (One of these dudes is more important than the rest; you’ll just have to talk to them until you find the right one. He usually seems to be the guy by the office on the left.) You have several options for getting Mel out:
  • Bribe them to let Mel go. This will cost you 300 caps. Ew.
  • Convince them to let Mel go. It’s not too difficult a check.
  • Threaten them to let Mel go. This check’s a bit harder.
  • Pickpocket the Diamond City Jail Key off of the head guard. The guards will become hostile if you open the door while they’re nearby, however, so you’re still facing a fight.
  • Pick the Advanced lock on Mel’s cell and let him out. If you’re noticed you’ll almost certainly face a fight with a lot of guards.
  • Speak to Mel. He’ll mention a glitched-out Protectron in the room behind his cell. If you can break the Expert hack on the terminal it will activate and start attacking the guards, giving you assistance in taking them down and grabbing the Jail Key from the head guard. 
  • Barring all else, get into a fight and kill the guards to get the Jail Key. This will take a while, as they’re well-equipped and numerous, but it’s quite possible. Stealth kills are feasible in here if you want a quieter approach, but the moment you botch your stealth the whole place will come down on your head.

- Regardless of how you get the escape done, head outside and wait for Mel to settle down in one spot. Talk to him about the job and he’ll run off. Head back to Goodneighbor and return to Bobbi’s Place. She’s waiting for you in the tunnels.

- After some intros Mel’s robot Sonya will blow a hole in the wall. Beyond is a Mirelurk just waiting to attack. Take it out and continue into the next, larger room, which has two more Mirelurks. Be ready for Hatchlings to pop out of the eggs in here, as well. Check on the left for a Fusion Core; watch out for Rad buildup. The next wall to blow through is on your right…

- … but if you check the northwestern wall you’ll find another section you can bust through as well. Inside is a Mirelurk King. Tough, but you should be able to waste the thing with Bobbi and Mel helping. It’s guarding a suit of Power Armor, a nice fit for that Fusion Core you just found.

- Keep going. There’s another room, this red-lit, with four more Mirelurks. You’ll be facing these dudes in close quarters, so be ready for some pain unless you let your companions take the lead - or, you know, you lob an explosive in first. More eggs, too, which is always fun. The next softer wall to blow through here will take you into a subway tunnel…

Bobbi in Fallout 4. She's such a charmer.
- … and, hurrah, Feral Ghouls! Lots of them! You’ll be glad you have buddies here, ‘cause there’s over a dozen Ghouls down in the tunnels, and they’ll mob you relentlessly. Shred them with the best weaponry you’ve got. (Expect Mel to collapse a lot. Dude doesn’t know when to hold back. Or… use a better weapon.) There’s an Advanced locked security door on the platform you can hack through if you’re skillful enough; otherwise, pass through the train on your right and travel to the next platform over. There are more Ghouls to kill, but fewer this time. The next fragile wall is over here.

- The next store room has more Mirelurks, along with plenty of already-primed Hatchlings. Fun! Explosives are pretty good here. On the lower level is a busted pipe; follow it until you reach another open area. There are two extremely dangerous Mirelurk Hunters here that can quickly chew through your armour. Back up into the pipe, let your companions engage them, and shoot from a distance if you can. Watch out for Rad building in here, as well.

- Enter the red-lit passage up and to the left of the Hunters. You’ll come out in a brewery. Use the nearby terminal to pop open the next security door. Beyond is a confusing two-floor brawl against more Ghouls, including a Glowing One (which, for me, was Legendary - such fun!). Hold your spot near the security door and let them come to you if you fear being killed, as a lot happens in this small space. There’s another Advanced hack security door on the lower level, and a steamer trunk full of goodies on the upper floor; otherwise, you’re looking for a fragile wall on the upper floor.

- The next small room has one final fragile wall that will take you into the safe room. Give Mel a chance to chat - he’ll recommend you search the previous tunnels now, if you want, ‘cause this is your last opportunity - and he’ll ask if you want to blow the wall. Say yes, then speak to Bobbi in the next room over to trigger the explosion that blows open the strongroom.

Fahrenheit from Fallout 4. Apparently she noticed
something interesting on the ceiling in this shot.

Yep, it’s not the Diamond City Strongroom. It’s… somewhere else. You’ll have a face-off with Fahrenheit, a woman with cronies ready to fight, and you’ll have some choices to make about your immediate future. You can do the following:
  • Stick with Bobbi. This will put you in a fight against Fahrenheit and two of her cronies. The Triggermen are no big deal - they’re both in defence-light Hazmat Suits, and easy to kill - but Fahrenheit has a Minigun, and she’ll use it to spray you with bullets from above. Take cover and let your companions draw her fire. Once you kill Fahrenheit you can steal Hancock’s Strongroom Key and her Minigun, the Ashmaker, from her body. Pop open the Strongroom (the train car) and Bobbi will give you your cut. Quest complete.
  • Betray Bobbi. In this case you’ll have a solo duel against Bobbi. She’s a more potent opponent than she looks and can take lots of abuse, but it’s an easier fight than going agains Fahrenheit. Bobbi likes to hide in closed spaces, and you can smoke her out fairly easily with explosives. Shotguns and melee attacks also work really well. Speak to Fahrenheit after finishing Bobbi and she’ll give you the Ashmaker.
  • Convince Bobbi to cut and run. You’ll need high Charisma to make this work, but you avoid a fight. You'll also still get the Ashmaker, because Fahrenheit is nice like that.
- Regardless of how it goes down, return to Goodneighbor and speak to Hancock. If you weren’t paid by Bobbi, he’ll give you the caps for the job. He’ll also express an interest in cutting loose of Goodneighbor, and you can recruit him as a companion for the rest of the game.