Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Prerequisites: Complete Tradecraft
Trigger: Speak to Deacon
Reward: 180 Bottlecaps, 300 XP

- After finishing Tradecraft you’ll automatically receive this quest, as well as the opportunity to join the Railroad. Keep talking to Desdemona and Deacon until you’re invited into Railroad HQ, which is pretty much where you might have expected: beneath Old North Church. Unlike most indoor locations you can fast travel into, and out of, Railroad HQ, so you can ditch the rest of the Church from now on.

- There are a fair number of people to speak to in Railroad HQ (Tinker Tom!) and lots of items to pick up, most of them rather everyday. The notable exception is the issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales sitting on a desk to the west of Desdemona’s command table. There are crafting tables of all kinds down here, so go nuts.

- Ultimately you’re looking for Doctor Carrington, a dude in a lab coat who’s usually wandering around the main area of HQ. He’s a fusspot who doesn’t much like you, but he’ll give you his next job: tracking down a dead drop from a dude named Stockton. (If you’re persuasive you can get him to like you a little more. A little.) 

- Carrington suggests using Railroad HQ’s escape tunnel to leave HQ, which you can find through a busted wall in the north; go through and, after a jaunt through a sewer, you’ll find a maintenance area that leads out to the street. You can find a locked room here through an Expert hacked terminal; inside is, among other things, a Fusion Core.

- You’ll emerge dockside from a busted-up building just north of Old North Church. Head northwest along the water and across a bridge and, on the other side of said bridge, you can find the dead drop in a mail box. You shouldn’t run into any trouble along the way. Once you do, you need to turn northeast and wander towards Old man Stockton.

- Head back east a few alleyways / streets / whatever, then head north towards Stockton’s location on the map. There’s a big Super Mutant base to the northwest of the dead drop, and you may not want to deal with them. Stockton is hanging out in a community called Bunker Hill, and you’ll find him in the northwest corner of the fort, behind a desk. Talk to him and, after some wrangling, he’ll ask you to clear ‘undesirables’ out of a nearby area.

- The meeting point is to the northwest of Bunker Hill. You can get there along major routes, but depending on which way you go you’ll either wander through the Super Mutant base mentioned above or the Raiders housed in the BADTFL Regional Office. The Raiders are much easier to kill, but the choice is yours. (I also had a Deathclaw run into the middle of the fight. What fun!) 

- The meeting point is a small church that has seen better days. You may find a Ghoul or two outside, but most of the opposition comes from three Raiders inside. If you draw them through the front door you can slaughter ‘em en masse without much trouble. Once they’re gone Stockton and his guy, H2-22, will wander in. They won’t show up until night, so you may have to wait a while, depending on when you got here.

- H2-22 is an odd guy. Synth. Whatever. He has a few things to tell you, especially if you’re persuasive. Once you’re done, Stockton will light a signal fire and leave. Shortly thereafter a dude named High Rise will show up and ask for further help, this time to get H2 to his home. You’ll have to escort High Rise and H2 to the apartments at Ticonderoga, a few blocks to the south. Expect to face an intersection of Raiders along the way. Nothing too dangerous. Ticonderoga is a safe house with lots in it, so feel free to explore by popping in via the elevator on the ground floor.

- Once you’ve dropped off High Rise and H2 (try walking up into the building and back out if High Rise won’t change his dialogue - he seems to get a bit stuck sitting out front), report back to Carrington at Railroad HQ. He’ll give you your reward and your next quest, Butcher’s Bill.