Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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- Once you’ve completed Reunions you’ll get this quest automatically. You’re given the option to head to your next stop, Goodneighbor, with either Piper or Nick; they’ll both lead the way to the settlement. If not you can find it on your own. Remember: You must have the Cybernetic Brain Augmenter from Kellogg’s body before this quest can go anywhere. Make certain it’s in your inventory before proceeding to Goodneighbor.

- You’ll find Goodneighbor to the northeast of Diamond City. It doesn’t take that long to get there, but you may wind up running into Raiders and Super Mutants along the way. (This is true of any of the buildings along the Freedom Trail, and Goodneighbor is pretty much right on the Trail.) 

- When you arrive in Goodneighbor a dude named Finn who will try to extort money out of you. He’ll be stopped by another, more imposing dude named Hancock, who will probably knife Finn to death. Feel free to loot the corpse. That done, you can have a look around.
  • Right at the entrance there are two stores. First is Daisy’s Discounts; she’ll sell you all manner of stuff. She’ll also offer you a job if you ask, leading to the Public Knowledge quest. The second store is Guns Guns Guns, and it’s owned by a semi-sadistic ‘bot named KL-E-O. There are a few crafting stations in her store.
  • The Old State House’s proper entrance is right next to these stores. There are plenty of people inside, but none of them are terribly interesting. If you want to speak to Hancock you can find him on the second floor, though you need to watch him give a speech behind Old State House first. You can ask him about work, in which case he’ll give you a miscellaneous quest, Investigate Pickman Gallery.
  • On the way up the street from the first two stores there's a thin, easily-missed alleyway on your right. Slip down it and you'll find a door. At the end a Ghoul named Bobbi will offer you a job through a door. Accept to get The Big Dig quest.
  • There’s a bar called The Third Rail beneath the balcony where Hancock gives his speech. The barkeep is a Mr. Handy named Whitechapel Charlie, and if you buy any kind of alcohol from him he’ll offer a job, Clear out the Goodneighbor Warehouses. The singer, Magnolia, will sing for you - and you can Flirt with her, and potentially have some happy time if you’re charismatic enough. In the VIP room you’ll find a pair of Gunners confronting a dude named MacCready (sound familiar, Fallout 3 players?) whom you can hire as a companion for 250 caps - or, if you’re charismatic enough, 200 caps.
  • The street opens up beyond The Third Rail. At the end of the street is the Hotel Rexford. Inside the lobby you’ll find a dude named Fred, purveyor of chems, who will give you a job to Bring a HalluciGen Canister to Fred Allen. Also in here is a dude named Rufus who will give you the Trouble Brewin’ quest. In a back room on the lower floor you’ll find the owner, Marowski; his name might sound familiar, but he’s not interested in talking right now. You can rent a room on the top floor for 10 caps from the front desk. I also highly, highly, highly recommend heading to the top floor either way, as there’s a dude in one of the rooms (no spoilers on who, but it’s an awesome revelation) who will become a settler in Sanctuary if you’re persuasive enough.
  • Next to the Hotel is an alleyway with three Triggermen at the end. Ignore or kill ‘em as you see fit.
  • Last up on the street is your destination, The Memory Den. 
The Memory Den

- Upon arrival in Goodneighbor’s Memory Den you’ll find Nick (assuming you didn’t come here with him) talking to a woman named Irma on the upper floor. Irma doesn’t have much to say, but if you look in a room to the right of Irma’s couch you’ll find a dude who will give you the Silver Shroud quest.

- Follow Nick into the back-left room. You’ll meet a woman named Amari who will talk a bunch of science at you. Hop in the Memory Lounger beside Nick to begin a rather strange trip into the past of someone completely different.

- This journey through Kellogg’s memory is quite a trip. Most of this runs on rails, but if you want additional info about Kellogg you can interact with the following:
  • Kellogg himself, in every iteration - the dialogue changes in each memory
  • His mom
  • His dad (the door in his room)
  • His radio
  • Sarah
  • Mary (look in the crib)
  • The Wastelanders
  • The Bartender
  • The Institute Agent
  • The Synths
  • The Institute Scientists
  • The Cryopods
  • The Backup Subject
  • The Primary Subject
  • The Institute Courser
  • The boy
You can wander through Kellogg’s memories as much as you like and watch them on repeat. Once you’re done, check the monitor in his apartment to pop out. This will bring you back to reality, give you a conversation with Amari, and end the quest.