Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- You’ll find Fraternal Post 115 just north of Diamond City and just south of Cambridge Police Department, on basically the same road. It’s an official-looking building on the side of the street, and will have lit lanterns out front.

- Pop inside and you’ll find what looks like an abandoned building. The front few offices have a few items of mild interest if you hunt around - nothing terribly special - though you’ll find some of them in big wads of meat, which, depending on your experiences, may give away what you’re going to find in here.

- As you wander further into the building you’ll discover that Fraternal Post 115 is populated by a single Super Mutant named Dead Eye. He’s standing in an open area, surrounded by torches, and looks like an easy target - but he’s not. The Super Mutant is surrounded by Frag Mines, and the minute he gets wind of trouble he’ll run to an alarm on the wall and call for reinforcements. This will bring four more Super Mutants into the fray. There are a few ways to deal with Dead Eye:
  • Go in with both guns blazing, and try to take him out as quickly as possible. So long as you don’t charge his position you won’t set off the mines, and you may be able to kill him via V.A.T.S. before he can hit the alarm.
  • Snipe him from above. There are stairs at the front of the building that will take you to a balcony above Dead Eye. Sneak around here and you can shoot him rather easily. He’s very good at spying characters who sneak, though, so move slowly to avoid detection. (Watch out for the Tin Can traps up here, as well. There’s a set in front of both doors out to the balcony.) If you have any Mines, set them along the balcony to kill impending Super Mutants, assuming you fail to kill Dead Eye in time.
  • Get him from behind. If you skirt around the balcony to the right side you can find a set of stairs leading down to the door behind Dead Eye. Pop open its Novice lock and, bam, you’re right beside him. If you go this way, you must be able to kill him quickly, ‘cause the room behind the door is where the other Super Mutants will spawn. The top of these stairs is another good place for a Mine if you’re forced to retreat.
  • Letting a Turret do the work. If you’re not confident of your own combat skills, you can let something else kill the Super Mutants for you. On the second floor there’s a front office with a terminal. Hack into it (Novice skill) and you’ll find controls for a Turret that’s just outside the door. Hack in, leave the Turret off, try to kill Deadeye, and, if you fail to murder him or his colleagues in time, run back to this room, duck behind the desk, and let the Turret shoot at the Super Mutants. Provide covering fire as necessary. (It will be if you manage to spawn a Legendary Super Mutant, like me!)
- Once you’ve offed the Super Mutant(s) you’ll be free to explore the place without further problem. The area Dead Eye was guarding has a huge cache of ammo, in the form of several ammo boxes beside the burning trash can, and if you check the podium you’ll find a copy of Guns and Bullets magazine. In the same room as the terminal you can find a locked Novice safe in the corner (it’s really small - look beside the filing cabinets) which you can pop open yourself, or via the terminal; it contains some ammo and other general nonsense. Nothing special.

- Oh, and in case you’re wondering? Yes, the back door just leads out into the world. Nothing special. (There won’t be a goon squad of Super Mutants waiting, in other words.)