Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Wreck of the USS Riptide

- You’ll probably find this location on your first trip to Diamond City, though you may not notice the bulk of it. The Wreck is located beside, and under, the bridge that connects the road from the Cambridge Police Department to Diamond City. You’ll see the Wreck if you look to your left as you cross the hump in the bridge…

- … and you’ll probably also spot all the Raider Scum down on the ship. Hopefully they don’t see you, because there are enough of them to give you some trouble. This is particularly true of the Raider Scavver, as he’s wearing Power Armor and is really good at pinning you down while the other Raiders provide cover fire and hurl Molotovs. You have a few options:
  • If you’re confident in your firepower, you can take some potshots at the guys on the boat, hopefully take out a few, and then draw them up onto the bridge. Assuming you have half-good sniping capabilities you can probably kill one or two before this happens. This use the rubble on the bridge for cover and wipe them out. A companion is wise if you want to take this route.
  • You can take a similar stance by hopping down the hole in the bridge just before you reach the ship and shooting at the Raiders from the bridge supports. Just hide behind the supports if the situation gets too hairy and they’ll stop bothering you after a while.
  • You can also jump off of the right side of the bridge and, if you’re careful, land on the prow of the USS Riptide. From here you can engage the crew in a more narrow firefight on the ship’s walkways or sneak around and try to Sneak Attack as many dudes as possible. Do this at night for better results, as there aren’t a ton of lights on the USS Riptide. (You can also go off the left side to find a wreckage path down, but people will see you for sure.)
Regardless of your choice, it’s wise to note that the Scavver, your biggest problem, has some shitty Power Armour. The Right Leg seems to be the best target to aim for in V.A.T.S. if you want to bring him down in a fairly expedient manner.

- Once the ship has been cleared of Raiders you’re free to wander around. There’s a Wasteland Survival Guide on the first floor of the ship (also, some drugs - yay, Jet!) and, uh… that’s it, actually. What a mighty tugboat.

- The stuff behind the Riptide is more interesting, fortunately. There’s a tank sitting open with an ammo-laden trunk in its hold that you’ll want to clear out. Up a ladder beside the tank is a Novice locked ammo box, and you’ll definitely want to pop it open, because it contains four Fusion Cores. Fully-charged, too. That’s a lot of Power Armour fun.