Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- The next major plot quest, Jewel of the Commonwealth, will take you to Diamond City, the population centre of the region. It’s a fair distance from Sanctuary, though, so you’re gonna have to do some walking. (You might want to ditch your Power Armor for the trip - you’ll probably use up more fuel than you’d prefer. Bring it along once you can fast travel.)

- The road to Diamond City is looooong, but you can take a fairly direct route there from Concord. Just south of the Museum of Freedom is a road out of town; you can follow this southeast to the city. Expect to see the following along the way, if you take this route:
  • Trashcan Carla. You’ll probably find her on the road leading out of Concord, along with her pack beast. Carla is a vendor who will sell you things. She pops up here and there. She doesn’t offer fantastic stuff, but it’s still good to keep your eyes open for her. She’ll also offer directions to Diamond City.
  • Drumlin Diner. There’s a potential shootout in progress here, and you can choose to side with a semi-douche named Wolfgang or help the owner of the place, Trudy, kill off her attackers. This triggers the quest Order Up. Might as well do it while you’re here, as it’s really short.
  • Down the street from Drumlin Diner is a small house on the side of the road. Inside you may find Ron Staples. He sells groceries, more or less. Yay, vendors aplenty! There are also some medical supplies in this house.
  • You’ll see the town of Lexington on your left as you cross under one of the freeways. Be warned, it’s a dangerous place. (The Corvega Assembly Plant you see first is particularly dangerous, but you’ll have to go there for a quest eventually.)
  • Just after the freeway leading to Lexington you’ll see Jalbert Brothers Disposal up a hill on your right. It’s overrun by Mole Rats, and aside from some Jet and Psycho in the trailer and some ammo at the top of the ramshackle water tower thing, there’s little to see here - except, of course, for the shack, which is brimming with radiation. If you duck in here you can find a terminal containing Brother Edmund’s Journals, though it requires an Advanced hack to access. Get through for information on the Word of the Holy Atom, as well as a way to open a safe that's set into the floor beside the terminal.
  • Keep your eye on the right side of the street, as there’s a long greenhouse called the Graygarden coming up after the Disposal. It’s populated by a slew of Mister Handy robots, and commanded by a genial ‘bot called Supervisor Greene. On top of offering vending services, Greene will give you 100 Bottlecaps if you play his little game show. (Possibly more if you have him Charisma. Anybody know how much more?) Speak to Supervisor White in the greenhouse for the Troubled Waters quest, and Supervisor Brown, also in the greenhouse, to sell Mutfruits. (And before you wonder, yes, you can take as many crops as you like. Just… don’t try to steal anything else. Not until you complete the quest, anyway.)
  • Past Graygarden and on your left you’ll see the beginnings of a suburb. This is College Square, a massive haunt for Ghouls, and, currently, a bit of a battleground around the Cambridge Police Station. (I recommend approaching this area from the right side of the buildings, as you’ll slip right into the Police Station grounds without having to deal with the mass amounts of Ghouls lurking on the main streets.) Saving the soldiers here is part of the quest Fire Support, which you may have gotten by checking your radio earlier. This will get you on the Brotherhood of Steel quest line.
  • South on the street from the Cambridge Police Station you’ll find Fraternal Post 115. There are no quests inside, but you can rumble with some Super Mutants for a nice, large cache of ammo.
  • The Wreck of the USS Riptide kind of helps span the gap between Cambridge and Diamond City. You can get across the bridge itself safely, but if you try to hop down onto the Wreck itself you’ll find a bunch of Raiders camped out along the remains of the hull. One has bits of Power Armor equipped, so remain on your guard.
  • Continue south from this bridge and, after a possible encounter with a Mongrel, you’ll start seeing Diamond City Guards and Turrets that don’t attack you. Keep following the signs and you’re at Diamond City. Woot!