Bravely Default Walkthrough, Sub Scenario Eight: Pirate Job

Main Walkthrough

This sub scenario unlocks shortly after you arrive on the western continent. Head to the Eisen Bridge, then visit Hartschild. After completing the loooooong sequence of cut scenes in Hartschild, return to the Eisen Bridge and speak to Commander Goodman a second time.
World Map
- After opening up the eastern gate from Eisen Bridge this side quest will appear on the map. Head back to the House by the Sea.
- Cut scene. Zatz and Datz will speak about a ghostly ship which is roaming the high seas near the House. They mention, quite specifically, that the ship appears at night, and that it travels vertically along the seas.
- Set out and explore the waters south of the House by the Sea. You will, with a bit of exploration, find the fog mentioned. Note that this is not the clouds in the sky that travel from east to west! The fog lays low on the seas and is quite distinct. (I found it northeast of the continent, if that helps.)
- You'll be prompted to either approach or stay away. You know which one to pick at this point.
SS Funky Francisca (that's quite a name)
- A quick cut scene ensues. Check the prow of the ship for a hidden 2000 pg and behind the mast for a Viking Axe once it's done, then run up the nearby stairs.
- Another cut scene... some strangeness with ghosts, pirates, and potential ghost pirates... aaaaaand...
This battle couldn't be more straightforward if it tried, though that doesn't necessarily make it easy. Barbarossa acts exactly as you'd expect based on his appearance: he attacks... and attacks... and attacks again. Virtually everything he does will do physical damage, save for the occasional debuffing of your physical defense score... which allows him to hit harder. And trust me, he already hits hard. Not only does he use a normal attack, he'll often dish out his Double Damage attack to, er, well, y'know. Obvious. A lot of BP use, but Barbarossa has no trouble keeping up with his expenditures. You'll only occasionally get a lull in his attacks.
Nevertheless, your attack plan doesn't have to change much from normal: one person heals, the rest go on the assault. Barbarossa likes to kill your characters, but at most he'll only manage to wipe out one per turn with his attacks. Consequently, you can usually keep up with your healing duties while whittling away at his HP rather easily. Protect is useful in this fight for keeping your mages alive while they heap on damage; lightning attacks in particular are good against Barbarossa. Default when Barbarossa is high on BP, then go nuts with attacks while he's recovering.
Easy fight? Might sound like it, but bear in mind that Barbarossa's HP is in the 40,000 range. Ouch. It'll take a while, and it'll be a tad repetitive, but you shouldn't have too much trouble.
- Beating Barbarossa will earn you the Pirate asterisk, allowing you to turn your characters into some ridiculous damage-dealing brawlers. Not so good against magic, mind, but employing one with Shell to deal with magic attacks is wise.
- After beating Barbarossa you may notice that you can speak to his... uh... ghost. Not far from where you killed him. Oh dear. After being a teensy bit creeped out, feel free to vacate the area and return to land.

Main Walkthrough

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