World Map
- You have a means of transit once again, now you just need a way. Make tracks back to Ancheim via the Miasma Woods.
- Once there, head north and hop onto the Eschalot. The seas are now clear enough that your former airship can, at the very least, sail.
- Head west on the water until you hit a cut scene. Oooo, daunting.
Chapter 3: Beloved Bonds
- Once the cut scene's done, check out the ensuing Party Chat and head north to the enormous ship in the ocean.
- Oooo, a town in the middle of the ocean. Worth having a look around, for sure. Watch the cut scene that follows - noting that you're asked to look for a lad named Zatz - and head into Grandship.
- Grandship has the usual amenities of a town, available on the upper dock. Though this area is quite nifty, note that most of the stuff available on Grandship is run-of-the-mill, and not terribly interesting. If you've been keeping up with your equipment and opening treasure chests, the Viking Coats are likely the only interesting purchases. Save your cash for your next destination, which is coming up sooner than you think.
- Start with the area adjacent from where you enter. Just south of the lamppost on the right side of the first screen is a hidden Antarctic Wind.
- Check out the bar. Aside from some local colour, you'll find a hidden Bacchus' Wine by the barrels on the far left side of the screen. Check upstairs, among the tables, for a Flame Charm. It's by the lamp on the left.
- Head upstairs, towards the shops. To your right on the first screen there's a grated door you can't pass through; check it for 1000 pg. On the next screen you'll see the shops; check the prow of the ship that's sticking out to the left of the Trader's shop for an X-Potion.
- Go up the stairs running between the shops. Here you'll find Zatz, the guy who was mentioned before. Talk to him, then run back to the bar in the lower quarter of Grandship. Talk to the woman behind the counter.
- Zatz will ask to come along, and everyone will agree. Return to the ship and hop in. Next stop: Eisenberg, home of the fire crystal - and a roiling civil war. Eeks.
World Map
- Head west. You'll find a peninsula ahead with a small gap through the rocks. Slip through.
House by the Sea / World Map
- Cut scene. Once it's done, approach the door to head out.
- Party Chat once you leave.
- Follow the coastline southward. Continue through the mountain range until you hit a cut scene. It will run for a fair while.
- Party Chat in the wake of the lengthy cut scene. After you finish up, keep running southwest until you hit open ground. Your next destination is a short jaunt to the north, upon blasted canyon ground.
Eisen Bridge
- Cut scene. Party Chat after you're done learning more about the region. After you regain control you can use a nearby robed dude to save your game.
- Leave the bridge and return to the world map. That was exciting.
- Head roughly west aways, along the edge of the mountains. The path to your next destination is just ahead.
- Cut scene, and a Party Chat immediately after you hit the town. Once it's done you can have a quick look 'round for items.
- Look on the far west side of town, admit a cluster of barrels. You'll find an Elixir.
- After having a jaunt about the town, visit the central building to progress the plot. A looooong cut scene will ensue focusing on multiple parties. After it's done there will be a Party Chat to watch, and after that you'll be off to the main map again. Wander on back to the Eisen Bridge.
Eisen Bridge
- Speak to the commander. Your faithful companion Datz will take off, and the commander of the Shieldbearers will give you a new task: scouting out an enemy stronghold to the northeast.
- Return to the world map and you'll find the gate to the southeast of the Eisen Bridge to have opened up. Head through this and wander north.
- (Note also that after you open the gate you'll also unlock a side quest back at the House by the Sea. Something to do with a spooky ghost ship. Ooooooo.)
- Your next destination will stick out like a sore thumb as you wander north, no worries.