Well, you've reached the end of the game. Looking for more? No worries, there's definitely more to be had. Unlocked by Sage Yulyana after you enter the Pillar of Light for the final time in Chapter 8, Dimension's Hasp is a bonus dungeon alluded to earlier in the game. It's home to some of the best equipment you can find in Bravely Default - though to get at this stuff you'll have to brave some hairy terrain.
Dimension's Hasp
- Dimension's Hasp is not noted on the map, but if you've looked around the world you'll probably guess where it is: in the north / northeast. There's a small, wintery chain of islands here, and they surround a conspicuous mound of seafront mountains. Once Yulyana does his thing there will be a giant hole in these mountains. Over Grandship over the hole to enter.
- The first thing to note here is the fox and his robed dude master at the entrance. The fox will tell you that this place is full of horrible monsters, and he's right. Tread carefully. The fox will also note that there's no teleporting in this place. Sigh... straight ahead and down the stairs, then.
- B2. Look familiar? Yep, there are blinding traps! Double sigh. Head southeast a short distance; in a small nook nearby you'll find a Megalixir.
- Head south to a large split with traps on both sides. Follow the path west, then go north to find a Yatagarasu. (Yes, it's in a blue chest, but that's doubtless a non issue at this point.)
- Run back south to the line of traps and keep going south down the narrow tunnel nearby. It leads to a Longinus.
- Continue east to find the way to a new area.
- B3. Run west to find a Demon's Staff, then head north. In the top-left corner of the room are Lordly Robes.
- Head south from this last chest, weaving through the room to roughly the middle. You'll find a Megalixir.
- Make your way to the top-right corner of the room and follow the path south to find stairs.
- B4. Head west to find an Earthbreaker, then head south / west to find a Death Axe and a Wonder Rod. Further north is the exit.
- B5. Head south from the entrance to find a Gale Staff. Make your way to the bottom-left corner of the area to find a Demon's Rod, then to the middle for a Brave Suit. Southeast of this last chest is the path to the exit.
- B6. Yaaaaay, silence flowers. In the middle of the area is an Air Knife, which you can only reach by treading through flowers. In the bottom-right corner is an Artemis's Bow, and in the bottom left is a Yoichi's Bow. Head north for the exit.
- B7. There's a Genji Armor in the bottom-left corner, Genji Gloves near the bottom-right, a Genji Helm straight north, and an Ama-no-Murakumo in the top-left. The exit's in the top-right corner.
- B8. Huzzah for magma. Take the first path southbound you come across, and stick close to the right side of the path. In the far south is a Gold Hairpin.
- Return to the north and go west. Follow it until you hit a three way split. Take the right-most path south and turn right at the bottom. Follow it until you find a northward route. It leads to a Luminous Robe.
- Run back west and take the second northbound passage, near the stairs. It takes you on a circuitous route to Kaiser Knuckles. Grab 'em and head for the stairs back south.
- B9. Head north until you reach a large, semi-central chamber in the north that splits off in several directions. Check to your right upon entering to find a Chaos Blade. The next passage south of this small room ultimately leads to a Gungnir.
- Return to the central chamber and walk south to a southwest chamber. Inside is an Aegis Shield.
- Run back north and go left this time. At the next north-south split, go north to find a Brave Suit, then south for stairs.
- B10. Go left first. This short path leads to a Muramasa.
- Return to the stairs. Follow the curving path east and south to find some Hadean Claws. Make your way to the long passage to the southwest of here; at the end is a Durandal.
- After grabbing everything, assuming you have auto save on, return to the stairs and go back up to trigger a save point. Then go back down and return to the blue chest where you found the Durandal. The wall behind the chest looks a little off-colour. Walk up to it and you'll go through...
- ... and beyond, you'll find the game's secret boss.
Robed Save Guy, Fox
Okay, fine, so they're actually called 'Adventurer' and 'Comrade', but whatever. I like my name better after all this time. At any rate, this is possible the most difficult fight in Bravely Default! Why? Let's find out together.
Adventurer and Comrade are not that flashy, but they do crazy amounts of damage. Adventurer spends most of his actions all-hitting your characters for 3,000 to 5,000 HP of damage, often getting criticals, which is enough to wipe out weaker characters. His normal hits hurt just as bad, and every now and then he'll switch roles and heal Comrade. Later on he'll also use Meteor to mop the floor with your party, which is unpredictable but horribly dangerous.
Comrade, by contrast, is more of a support unit. Though he'll attack your units, this wily fox spends much of his time buffing and debuffing. Either he's giving Adventurer BP, which is just fantastic, or he's hitting you with blindness. Try to hit Adventurer with normal attacks and he'll also jump in the way to take the damage instead. Simple, effective, very annoying.
But all that's not the worst part. No, the worst part is their weird resurrection bond. If either unit dies while the other lives, their counterpart will bring them back immediately on the next turn. This is annoying for Comrade, who has somewhere in the range of 50,000 HP. This is devastating for Adventurer, since he has over 500,000 HP. Yikes.
So how do you win? To be honest it's largely a matter of persistence, constant healing, and buffing yourself. Both enemies hit quite hard, so one of your characters must be on healing duty at all times. Rampart is great for stalling their hits, which are largely physical in nature, and anything that hits multiple times in succession comes in handy when dealing with Companion. Beyond that? Heal, Default, attack when you're charged up, the usual. Adventurer is very tough, but he can be taken down.
(Think you're gonna lose? Don't sweat it. You won't get a Game Over for losing - you'll just be reduced to everyone dead, with Tiz at a single HP. Fun!)
- Upon defeating the robed save dude you'll gain the Adventurer asterisk, which allows you to save the progress of other adventurers. This is a lie, of course, but wouldn't you want to be a robed save dude? Either way, time to walk back out with your riches.

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