The title screen for Undertale.

Created almost exclusively by one programmer, Undertale is an indie game of epic proportion. Drawing inspiration from RPGs of all stripes (though EarthBound should immediately jump to mind), it is the story of a tiny adventurer who has become lost in a land of monsters. They must find their way out... but whether they will carve a bloody path to freedom, or find a friendlier way back to the daylight, is up to you.

Undertale is a game of choices and consequences. Expect to play it more than once, and don't expect each playthrough to feel the same.

Main Walkthrough (Neutral Route)

Part One: The Ruins
Part Two: Snowdin
Part Three: Waterfall
Part Four: Hotland
Part Five: King Asgore

Other Routes

Part Six: Pacifist Route
Part Seven: Genocide Route


Easter Eggs