Main Walkthrough

One Star Quests

A Song For God
  • Unlocked: Third day, complete Main Quest 1-3
  • Quest Item: Demon Spicule x 3
  • Reward: 180 gil, Snowy Spirit Wings, Masquerade Mask

Demon Spicules are dropped by Gaunts, found in Forsaken Graveyard. These monsters love their air attacks, and will cast Aero at you constantly. Whittle them down with magic then go to with physical attacks.
Gift of Gratitude
  • Unlocked: Beginning of game
  • Quest Item: Tattered Leather x 8
  • Reward: 120 gil, Rangda Crest, Leyak Crest

Tattered Leather is dropped by Gremlins. You'll find Gremlins in the streets of Luxerion; I had most of my luck in the alleys near the Restaurant District.
Inventive Seamstress
  • Unlocked: Beginning of game
  • Quest Item: Liquid Glass x 3
  • Reward: 200 gil, Noonblue Butterfly

Liquid Glass is dropped by Meonektons. They're found in many places, but you're most likely to find them in larger numbers in Old Town.
Mythical Badge
  • Unlocked: Third day
  • Quest Item: Proof of Legendary Title x 1
  • Reward: 2000 gil, Orange Bow Tie, Crest of Pulse

Wandering around Luxerion you'll occasionally come across Clerics who will ask for donations. Give three times to the same Cleric - 100 gil, 300 gil, 1000 gil - and you'll earn a Proof of Legendary Title.
Night Patrol
  • Unlocked: Complete Slay the Machine and Revenge has Teeth
  • Quest Item: Chipped Fang x 10, Motor Coil x 15
  • Reward: 1200 gil, Replica Pilot's Badge, Training Pilot's Blade

Chipped Fangs are dropped by Gargonopsids on the Pilgrim's Caueway, as well as in the Dead Dunes. Motor Coils are dropped by Gertrudes, which appear in the Warrens.
Revenge is Sweet
  • Unlocked: Beginning of game
  • Quest Item: Niblet Hairs x 6
  • Reward: 80 gil, Cute Heart

Obvious enough: kill some Niblets. Chances are good you earned the prerequisites for this while completing the Ballroom sequence at the beginning of the game.
Two Star Quests

Grave of a Bounty Hunter
  • Unlocked: Beginning of the game
  • Quest Item: Stormdragon Down
  • Reward: 800 gil, Blue Feather Pin, Gadot's Black Emblem

Stormdragon Down can be snagged from dead Zomoks. You can find Zomok as part of a side quest, or in the largest part of the Forsaken Graveyard. I don't recommend fighting one on the first day, however - they're quite tough.
Puppeteer's Lament
  • Unlocked: Sixth Day
  • Quest Item: Quality Machine Oil
  • Reward: 700 gil, Blue Propeller, Shooting Star

Quality Machine Oils are dropped by Dreadnoughts. You can find a Dreadnought in the latter half of Foresaken Graveyard. Be warned - this thing is very, very tough in the early stages of the game.
Revenge has Teeth
  • Unlocked: Fifth day
  • Quest Item: Chipped Fang x 10
  • Reward: 500 gil, Guardian Corps Badge

Chipped Fangs are dropped by Gargonopsids. You can find them on the Pilgrim's Causeway, in the south of the city. It stretches from the Holy District to Old Town.
Three Star Quests

Enchanted Brush
  • Unlocked: Fifth day, after completing Grave of a Bounty Hunter and A Song for God
  • Quest Item: Demon Spicule x 10, Stormdragon Down x 8
  • Reward: 1400 gil, Lady's Brooch, Strawberry Ice Cream

Demon Spicules are dropped by Gaunts, while Stormdragon Downs are dropped by Zomoks. You can encounter both types of creatures in the Forsaken Graveyard.
Heretic's Beasts
  • Unlocked: Fifth day, must have completed Inventive Seamstress and Puppeteer's Lament
  • Quest Item: Quality Machine Oil x 5, Liquid Glass x 10
  • Reward: 1300 gil, Warning Beacon, Gentleman's Beard

Quality Machine Oil is dropped by Dreadnoughts, which appear exclusively in the Forsaken Graveyard. Liquid Glass is dropped by the much less reclusive Meonektons, which appear in a variety of locations around Luxerion. They're much easier to find if you search the Wildlands Train Station.
  • Unlocked: Complete Gift of Gratitude quest
  • Quest Item: Niblet Hairball x 60, Tattered Leather x 80
  • Reward: 1800 gil, Tinkling Bell, Crystal Feather, Ether

Yikes. That's a big order. Niblets and Gremlins are all over the place, but the best place to gather these items is in Yusnaan. Participate in the Death Safari and Death Game to gather a lot of them in a relatively short time.
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