- Rush back to town and return to where you first met Adonis and talk to him again. You'll earn 1500 gil and a Monoculus Mask for completing the previous quest, and you'll meet the boss. Her identity probably won't surprise you a whole lot.
- Fang! After you're done chatting, Fang joins your party. She focuses on offence; you can bolster her attack by using debuffs on enemies. She'll never be as good as Lightning, but she's not bad, either.
Giant's Sandbox
- Make your way out of Ruffian and head far to the east. (Teleporting to the North Ruins is probably faster. If not that, at least the Train Station.)
- If you're crossing pretty much straight over the dunes, you'll run across a Study of the Depths in a sphere along the way. Your destination is well within view from the sphere. There's also a place called Tobias's Branch Store off to your left where you can stock up.
- Head down to the ruins by the sea. Your next destination is off to the left, in a small nook built into the surrounding rock.
Path of Ashes - Temple Ruins
- Follow the path through the Ruins until you reach a larger room. Here you'll find a Cactuar statue to switch on. Do so and continue south.
- There's a pit in an adjacent room. Before jumping in, check to the right of the pit to find a Guard's Cravat. Down ya go.
- Chamber of Dusk - Lower Level. Down here you'll find time doors. These doors swing open or slam shut at certain times of the day, and cannot otherwise be opened. These doors don't take too long to open, but you may waste some time if you get caught behind one and are trapped. Chronostasis is a fun way to manipulate these; otherwise you'll just have to hope you get lucky. Check the tablets near these doors to register them on your map.
- Past the time doors and down some corridors you'll find a doorway blocked by skeletons. If you tear through these you'll find either ?Unappraised Items or Yellowed Skulls. ?Unappraised Items can be returned to Ruffian and appraised once you've completed the Tools of the Trade quest.
- Up ahead is another timed door. If you manage to sneak by you can find a Deprotect Lv. 2 and a Slow Lv. 2 inside, as well as another timed door.
- Through the large, northern chamber is another ladder. Hop down. There's another timed door in here connecting to the previous chamber, as well as a Nacre Cameo.
- At the bottom is a long hallway. There are time doors ahead on the left and right sides of the hallway; to the right (west) you'll find a Deshell Lv. 2, to the left (east) a White Strap. To the left you'll also find an Earth Eater; it's guarding a Warding Talisman.
- There's another time door at the south end of this hallway. If you didn't feel like fighting the Earth Eater, you can wait for this door to pop open and get at the Warding Talisman this way instead. (You can also get in a surprise attack on the Earth Eater from here if you want to kill it for a Desert Rose.) Also here is an open hallway leading to a cut scene and a strange, red device. Examine it to activate it and open the nearby door. Head through.
Path of Vicissitude
- New area. Kinda. Follow the path until it splits. Fang will run straight ahead; follow her. Many skeletons to maul ahead.
- There's a teleportation statue in the coming room. Activate it, then examine the door ahead. New job: locate three murals. Yaaaaay, sounds like such fun.