Part Nineteen: Island Shrine and Fork Tower

Main Walkthrough

You now have a submarine! Time to explore. The expanded underwater world is a bit different from the second world you visited, though not by a huge amount. 


Though you don’t need to go underwater to reach the town anymore, Moore still appears as a blip on the underwater world map. The town is virtually no different than before, with one exception. In the southwest corner of town is a small shed you can walk through from behind. It will take you into an invisible path through the forest.

Follow it south, then west a ways, and you’ll wind up (eventually) in a small clearing with an old man and two boxes. The left box contains a Brave Blade; the right contains a Chicken Knife. The two weapons vary in power depending on how often you run, and as the names suggest, the Brave Blade gets weaker the more times you’ve run on a play through, while the Chicken Knife gets stronger. You only get one of these weapons. I suggest the Chicken Knife, especially if you can’t remember how many times you’ve run, but it’s your call. (My Brave Blade had an attack power of zero! Yay!)

Tower of Walse

Yep, you can explore this submerged locale again. You’ll find the Tower of Walse in the large, enclosed bay dominating the centre of the continent’s upper half, beneath the seas. The Tower is physically identical to your last visit, though this time you need to descend the Tower, not ascend. The enemies in here possess a ton of Blue Magic skills, and they’re also really weak, so this is a good place to gather Blue Magic…

… or it would be, if you didn’t have a seven minute timer in place. Once that time runs out you’ll suffocate and game over. There are two chests on the way down which will reset the timer to seven minutes, though in order to reach the bottom they’re hardly necessary. At the bottom you’ll find something you probably forgot all about: the crystal shard that got left behind when the Tower of Walse sank. Guarding it is a boss.

Famed Mimic Gogo

Gogo is a mimic, and he revels in watching others follow his path. Consequently, the way to beat this guy is to do absolutely nothing, because that’s what he does. Just ignore the game for a few minutes and he’ll eventually chime in and declare you a winner. When that happens the battle will end and you’ll receive the Mime crystal shard.

Despite this odd path to victory, you can attack Gogo if you want. It is not a good idea. Gogo is perhaps the strongest boss in the game, and he’ll retaliate with some absolutely ridiculous spells to punish you for your transgression. It is possible to beat him, but you need to have ridiculously high levels. He’ll also pull out some especially painful spells just as he’s dying in a last-ditch attempt to finish you off, so you need to do so much damage that this doesn’t happen. A very difficult task, this, and not worth the effort unless you want the extra challenge.

Mr. Clio

There’s an enormous bay in the middle of the world. Put down in it and sail northeast. Just south of Karnak you can dip into the water and find a small cave. Inside is Mr. Clio, a psychic who will provide you with stats about your game. None of them are particularly important, but they’re an interesting glimpse at how far you’ve come. 

Part Twenty-One: Great Sea Trench and Istory Falls

Main Walkthrough