7 - The Duke and the Duchess
- Be warned: The enemies in this section are somewhat varied when it comes to the elements. That said, they typically resist (and therefore use) water. If you till have water oculi equipped from your trip through Magna, switch it out. Finn's magic will be very useful here. (That said, I don't recommend fighting too often. These enemies are more trouble than they're worth, and generally simple to avoid.)
- The Cliffs of Erin are true to their name, presenting a steep climb to Aurora and her band. Soar up to the steepest section of the cliff and look for a cave that looks like a toothy mouth. Wait for the wind to stop and slip inside.
- Follow the passage west and down. Past two pits of gusting wind you'll find a chest containing Rough Tourmaline.
- Fly out and up on the next large gust of wind. Hug the left wall and enter the next cave. There's a chest in here on the other side of a pit; it contains two Defense Elixirs. Drop into the pit you just bypassed after the wind stops to find two Rough Rubies.
- Above this chunk of rock is an island dropping water down and barring your path. There's also an eastward wind that will try to blow you away from the left side of the screen. Speed through both of these obstacles and you can find a rear, hidden path down through the rock. There's a chest on a ledge down here containing two Damage Elixirs, and at the bottom of the hidden passage is a Magic Defense Stardust.
- Zip out into the open air and fly to the right. You'll find an outcropping of rock; on the tip of it is a chest containing three Magic Defense Elixirs. Backtrack a short way left and you'll find a hole in the ground leading to another chest, this one containing three Rough Emeralds.
- Fly up and under the island on the right side of the screen. There's a chest in a nook beside a waterfall that Igniculus can reach. Inside is a Rough Emerald.
- Fly up above the island and to the left. If you have Rubella in the party you'll spot some more of her circus' gear. Tucked into the guts of this island is a chest containing a Magic Potion.
- There's another island to your left. Slink beneath its guard to find a chest containing three Potent Magic Potions. Fly straight up from this island and, blowing in the gusts of wind below the next, you'll see Confession #15 (though it has a rather wonky name).
- Travel to the islands to the east. The first, guarded by an enemy, has a chest containing a Rough Ruby. The second, which has an odd shrine the likes of which you've seen a few times, has another chest; this holds a Revive.
- Slip up onto the island. There's a chest here, guarded by two enemies. It contains a Rough Emerald. Up and to the right, on a nearby ledge, you'll find another chest containing two more Rough Emeralds.
- Ascend into the upper island. To your left at the next split is a chest with a Tumbled Sapphire, and past it the remains of Rubella's circus. Check the chest beside the wagon for two Rough Rubies, then speak to Tristis, the crying jester. With Rubella accompanying you he'll join your party. Tristis is quite similar to Rubella, though he leans more towards defense than offense.
- Dip below the remains of the circus. You'll find a small nook with a chest. It contains three Quicken Elixirs.
- Return to the split and ascend. There's a gem chest at the top holding a Tumbled Sapphire and an eastern passage. There's a door ahead; trigger the oculi above it to pop it open.
- You're now in a twisting area with pointed fences that will harm you if touched. Descend below the masonry and look to the left of a pit at the bottom of the space for a chest containing three Damage Elixirs. Opposite this chest on the right side is a chest containing two Potent Magic Potions. Descend through the pit and back out the bottom of the island to find a gem chest containing two Tumbled Sapphires.
- Ascend again and check the top right of the fenced space for a gem chest containing Potent Faery Nectar. It floats above a door you can pop open via oculi. On the other side is a chest containing three Faery NectarsDefense Stardust, and a Tumbled Ruby.
- Heal up and ascend through this final chamber to the top of the island. Boss time!
Griffon, Black Spectres
This is a tricky battle. Unlike most fights where it's best to get rid of the weakling side enemies first, the Black Spectres will bedevil you for pretty much this entire fight because they're highly resistant to physical attacks and only vulnerable to light, thus making Aurora herself your only viable weapon against them. (Finn isn't bad, but, meh.) They also have a decent amount of HP, so it'll take you a few hits to finish one off. The Griffon will occasionally revive the Spectres, and attempting to interrupt its Casting period will get your characters smacked with slowed status.
Your best bet here is to concentrate on taking down the Griffon first. Its HP isn't as high as you might think, and it's highly vulnerable to physical attacks. Bring out your hardest hitter and have him or her smack the Griffon around during its charging phase until it croaks. If your other character can interrupt a Spectre's attack, have them jump in; otherwise, just let them heal. Once the Griffon is toast, bring in Aurora and Finn to fry the Black Spectres. You'll likely use up a lot of MP in this fight, and probably a big chunk of your items, but a slow and steady pace is much smarter than going gung-ho on the opposition. Norah's buffs and debuffs help a lot in this fight. Win and you'll earn a Speed Stardust.
- Wiping out the Griffon and its buddies will earn you passage to the Temple of the Moon. Step inside and, after a cut scene, you'll have to endure some heartfelt farewells near the innermost sanctum. Check to the left of your grieving party for two Rough Sapphires, then to the right and at the bottom of a waterfall for a chest containing two Rough Sapphiresbefore stepping into the doors.
- Ascend the inside of the Temple of the Moon, checking the sides of this large area for gem chests. You can't open them just yet, but you can bust open the four chests on the upper platforms, containing two Firefly Elixirs, two Defense Elixirs, two Rough Rubies, and three Tumbled Sapphires. Check the far sides of the Temple to find all four.
- Look above the Magic Mirror for Confessions #10 (again with an odd name), then hop into the Mirror.
- Drama! And a new party member!
Return Trip
Yes, you can come back here later with Igniculus back in your party. Pop open the chests in the Temple of the Moon for two Defense Elixirs, two Rough Tourmalines, and a Revive.