Augur's Quarter

- You're finally inside. Hope has a new plan: use an enormous statue to create a bridge over the wall that bars access to the palace. How? By bringing the thing down with fireworks. Sounds painful, but it's also a plan. Yikes.

- Have a look around the Augur's Quarter before doing anything else. There are several places where you can buy food, an Outfitters with the Cyber Jumpsuit and Primavera garbs There's also a girl called Candice with a three-star mission for you. You need a ton of adornments to satisfy her.

- In the east you'll also find a set of stairs. Go up them to find a sphere containing aThorn of Will.

- Once you're content with looking around, climb the stairs to the left of the central show. The director is up here, and he agrees that a ton of fireworks would make the show look a lot better. Unfortunately, he doesn't have enough fireworks just yet. You'll have to get some more.

- The Fireworks Boss is at the next waypoint. Chat with him and he'll let you know the problem: he needs more Gunpowder to make more fireworks. There are various ways to do this, and he gives you a note to ensure that you can snag all the stuff you need. The Gunpowder can be procured from pyrotechnicians in the following places, at the following times:
  • 10:30 pm, Cactuar's Statue, Reveler's Quarter - Off to the side of the statue; he'll give you three Fireworks
  • 11:00 pm, Central Avenue - He's sitting near the stairs down to the statue, but he won't hand over his four Fireworks until you give him some Bacchus's Brew - you can purchase it from the Maitre' D of The Banquet of the Lord, near the Train Station, for 1,000 gil (this counts as a quest, so you'll also earn 300 gil and a Ceremonial Headdress)
  • 11:30 pm, Slaughterhouse, Champion's Quarter - look near the Coliseum to receive three Fireworks
  • 12:00 am, Train Station, Glutton's Quarter - speak to the guy by the entrance of the Train Station to receive two Fireworks

He also notes that you can get fireworks in other ways, as well, and the main way is to speak to Chocobo Girls spread around the city. If you learn their 'password' from the poster in the alleyway in the Reveler's Quarter, near the shop with the Free Will quest, they'll each give you a Firework. They can be found near the Coliseum in Champion's Quarter, in the market of the Glutton's Quarter, or on Central Avenue. You only need ten, so you won't have to visit all of these people to gather your Fireworks.

You can also gather Fireworks by helping out a dude named Funicula, whose Fireworks have been stolen. He's just off Hawker's Row in the Glutton's Quarter (look on the path leading to the Slaughterhouse), and his wares have been snatched by a monster. If you run down the Road to War next to him you can kill a Skata'ne and get the five Fireworks back. You can then pocket 'em yourself or give them back; if you give them back and follow Funicula, you'll earn seven Fireworks instead, as well as1,300 gil and a Vanguard Headdress.

- I highly recommend using Chronostasis for this section, by the way. You'll be running all over the place, and after this you'll have yet another time-sensitive task to complete. Yikes.

- Return to the Augur's Quarter. Hope will tell you the other part of the plan: you need to be on the stage already when the statue goes down. Ouch.

- Take the Fireworks to the director. Hand them over to the Fireworks Boss, then rush back to the Director. The scheme unfolds! Poor Lightning.

- You have two options now: you can either buy garb appropriate to the task... or win the tournament at the Slaughterhouse. No, actually, the Director has decided youmust win the garb. Oi.

The Fighting Actress - Slaughterhouse

- You have until 3 am to win the appropriate garb at the Slaughterhouse. Rush back to the Champion's Quarter and head to the far west. The Slaughterhouse is there, and the entry booth is on the right. Each battle will eat up ten minutes of time, and that time will remain true even if you're defeated. You're facing the following battles, and you'll win the following items:
  • Ghost Gremlin x 5 - Easy battle; stagger them quickly with either magic or physical hits - Bronzed Medal
  • Anubys of the Abyss - Another relatively easy battle, as it's just stronger than another Anubys's - stagger with magic and physical combined, then thwomp it - Silvered Medal
  • Zaltys Brimstone - Much stronger than the last two, but still very similar to the Zaltys you've fought before; use cold magic to bring it close to the edge of staggering, then either follow up with physical attacks or well-timed guards to push it over the edge - Crystal Medal

Winning all three battles will earn you the Midnight Mauve, as well as 1500 gil and a Crown of Splendor. (While you're here, check the bushes near the entry woman for a Dispel Lv. 2, as well.)

- Rush back to the Augur's Quarter and speak to the Director. Once it's 3 am, the show will begin. (He will permit you to wait around until 3 if you showed up early, as well.)

- (Before you begin, check under the giant statue for a Corundum Pin. You can get this later, as well - the statue won't crush the sphere.)

- Stuff will happen. Lightning will receive the Femme Fatale, you'll watch a dramatic and melodramatic show, and, uh, boom. Big boom. Well, you're in...!