- Assuming Yusnaan is your first destination outside Luxeria, which it is in this walkthrough, you'll earn the EP ability Teleport upon arrival. Handy. Revisit areas you've been before and they'll be registered as locations to which you may Teleport.

- Have a stroll through the markets nearby. There are some new schemata to purchase, namely Velvet Bouncer and Providence. Velvet Bouncer is good for offensive strategies, while Providence emphasizes defense.

The Great Break-In

- Lightning needs to enter Snow's palace. Unfortunately, her last visit didn't go over so well, and she's surely to be prevented entry if she tries again. She'll have to sneak in this time.

- Start by heading more or less straight south of the station. On your right will be a sphere containing Blitz Lv. 2.

- Head for the Augur's Quarter. The long, circuitous route will take you through the vendor's stalls, down Central Ave. (where you'll automatically meet a man named Gregory, who asks about stolen goods - keep him in mind) the Champion's Quarter. Bear in mind that monsters will occasionally pop up on these streets, and though they're not difficult, they are harder than what you faced back in Luxerion.

- Just before you descend the stairs into the next area, watch for an inn. Once you reach it, look across the street. Atop one of the stalls is a sphere containing a Wolf's Emblem. On the side of the street opposite the stairs you'll see another sphere atop a stall, this containing Flanitor Notes. You'll have to use the crates beside the stall to jump up and reach it.

- As you enter the underground section where the Cactuar Statue is located, one of the guards will recognize you. From this point on you'll have to face a combination of Personal Guards and Flanitors, the latter of which will heal the former. Fortunately, the Guards will attack the Flanitors. Odd. Either way, the battles through this area are not that difficult.

- Make your way along the western / southern bend of the Champion's Quarters, past the Cactuar Statue. If you check the walls you'll see a lot of wanted posters for Lightning. Eep. As you hit the southern bend you'll see a kid in an orange vest; he'll pickpocket you if you get too close. Chase him down to retrieve your 200 gil. He's part of a quest, but this part is kinda forced on you.

- Nearby is a quest to accept calledFree Will, as well as a small back alley. Enter the back alley to find a sphere containing Mage's Gloves. Also back here is a poster; read it to discover the Chocobo Girl's Phone Number, part of another side quest.

- Run to the Augur's Quarters... or, at least, the gates to the Augur's Quarters. Speak to one of the people outside and you'll learn that the Tour Guide can get people inside... for a price. And at great risk to yourself.

- You'll find the Tour Guide a ways down the street, and sometimes wandering around. He's difficult to miss, as he has a pink cone hat, goofy glasses, and a big bass drum on straps. Speak to him and he give you the lowdown on his tour. It'll cost 2,000 gil to buy a Sneaking-In Special Ticket.

- Depending on the day, you'll now have to hurry to the Lower City, as the tour begins at 6 pm.
Lower City

- Return to Central Avenue and head north. There's a twisting staircase here that leads down to Lower City. Be wary, as some powerful monsters will begin to appear in this area.

- After leaving the staircase, following the path to the Industrial Area: Gate. It's to your right on the main road. Speak to the man by the gate. If it's before 6 pm, you'll have the opportunity to skip forward to 6 pm. Off to the Augur's Quarters!

- Now for the fun part. Hand your ticket and step into the passageway that opens up. You're on a bit of a time limit, so fly through here as best you can. The Hoplites patrolling this area are tough, but they're weak to lightning, so Thunder and Thundara will strip them down to stagger status very quickly. The Desdemonas are the same, though they're a bit tougher to get to stagger... and they won't show up as often, either.

- Make your way to the waypoint on your map. Go up the stairs onto the ramp surrounding the central pillar here, and keep going around and around, climbing further and further ramps as you make your way up.

- Continue along the route of ladders until you see a small pathway branching off to the right of an upward ladder. Go down it to find a Bronze Pocket Watch, then run back and ascend the ladder.

- Once you're done with the ladders you'll reach a series of warehouses. In the next area over from here, you'll find a Merchant who will sell you restorative items. The Desdemonas sometimes pair up in this next area, so you'll want a few Potions or Phoenix Downs at a minimum to wade your way through.

- Continue down this path. It's lengthy, but straightforward. When you reach a big heap of crates, climb them and jump to a nearby platform to find a Soldier's Tie. Then drop down and keep going. Eventually you'll reach a cut scene, and once you do... boss time!


This battle isn't too bad, especially compared to Noel. (Even if you haven't defeated him yet.) The Cyclops is a physical fighter, and the vast majority of its attacks require it to rush up and either stomp on you or flatten you with its fists / club. Fortunately, it has some very obvious signs that it's going to attack, and timing your guards should almost never be an issue. The only one that's a bit tricky is Evil Eye, which carves a line of fire about a second before it does damage. Wait for the spread to appear on the ground before blocking.

About halfway through the fight, Cyclops will use Rage. This will make it substantially stronger, and it will use harder-hitting special attacks that incorporate multiple hits - but it will also take a lot more damage. This is where you should start dishing out big hits in order to get it to stagger. It's weak to electricity, so Thunder or Thundara are recommended. Once it's in the red, sweep in with physical attacks to cause stagger and bring it down. Be ready to guard at all times, though, or this thing will flatten you with its Stomp attack.

- In the aftermath of the battle you'll watch another cut scene, and you'll collapse down into the warehouse district. Great. Follow the path.

- Despite what Hope says, there are some treasures to be had. Proceed through until you reach a big stack of crates near the waypoint on the map. Climb these crates to find a Sight's Circlet at the top.

- Return to the ground and run to the waypoint. It'll switch to a pair of skeletons to the south. Check them for an ID Card.

- Follow the path up a set of nearby stairs and into an underground tunnel. Follow it to a security gate (and a Desert Flame sitting on the ground). Use the ID to get through the gate. On the other side is an Oath of the Merchants guild in a sphere.

- Follow the path to a ladder at the end. It will take you up to the city. Woo! Escaped!

- Run over to the Augur's Quarter, namely the front gates, before 10 pm. Use the ID Card on the computer in front of the gate to find your way in. Finally.

- (Before heading in, check to the right side of the stairs leading up to the Augur's Quarters. There's a hidden sphere here containing a Thorn of Aggression. Very easy to miss.)

Main Walkthrough