Fabul Castle

- You’ll start off with an easy little battle. After a quick cut scene Yang will be cut loose to explore. There’s not a ton to see, though you can find treasures in the Castle’s two towers. In the West you’ll find two Potions, a Phoenix Down, and Hermes Sandals (pot on the first floor); in the East you’ll find a Bacchus’s Wine (pot) and a Hi-Potion.

- Head to the throne room and watch the cut scene that follows. Once it’s done, check the pot on the left for a Bomb Fragment and the ‘secret’ door on the right for a Potion, a Tent, and 500 gil. Yang now has two Monks on his team; they’re basically the same as Yang, just weaker.

- Leave the Castle. Your next destination is Mt. Hobs, to the west. It’s easy to find, but it’ll take a while to walk. If you want to avoid monsters you can wander to a small forest northeast of Mt. Hobs and find a yellow chocobo to ride instead.

Mt. Hobs

- One of the first things you should probably do is kill off the two Monks. They’re unimportant in the long run, and will simply soak up experience better reserved for Yang. (And, yes, Ursula. She joins soon.) You’ll lose a bit of attack power this way, but gaining levels more quickly makes up for the loss fairly quickly.

- There’s a Potion immediately west of the entrance. Grab it, then head north up the slopes. There’s another Potion to grab before you reach the next area.

- Keep walking along the next path until you hit a split. Head right to find a Tent before continuing north. There’s yet another Potion to grab before entering the next area.

- Proceed up the mountain, grabbing the Tent to the right of the bridge that leads west. There’s another split on the opposite side of the bridge; go south to find a Hi-Potion, then head north. There’s a save point and a Phoenix Down to the east and another area to the west.

- Pop open the chest to the right of the stairs for a Maiden’s Kiss. Head south after that to hit a cut scene, and, yes, a boss fight in this same area. As ever. (Though Ursula gets a chance to show off first. Yep, she’s another Yang clone, but she’s better than the Monks.)

Mom Bomb

Simple battle. Mom Bomb deals almost exclusively in physical attacks in its first phase. Do enough damage and it will hit its short second phase, wherein it’s a few rounds away from exploding and damaging everyone. After that it will separate into six lesser Bombs. You can basically just hold down the attack button for the whole fight and be perfectly fine, though Kicking the cluster of six Bombs will end the fight a bit faster.

(Make sure you put Ursula in a front row slot after the battle. She’s better than the Monks, and deserves to do her full damage.)

- There’s a Hi-Potion to the south of the battle site. Grab it and carry on west, out of this area.

- The next section is a large spiral. Wander along the outside of the spiral until the path splits and heads inward. Keep following the outer edge to find a Kenpo Gi. Then turn back and follow the spiral to its centre.

- Almost done. Head west on the last screen to find a side path leading to a save point. You’ll find a Potion, a Phoenix Down, a Decoy, and a Hi-Potion at the end of the dead end. Turn back after grabbing your fill and head south to leave Mt. Hobs. Mind that you speak to the Namingway to your right to purchase supplies before heading out, as well as grab the Power Armlet to the west of the exit.

- Your next dungeon - yes, already! - is a short trip to the west.

Impact Crater

- Despite Yang’s warning, the enemies here aren’t that much stronger than on Mt. Hobs. Kicks will do just fine.

- Head east. You’ll see brown dirt jutting out of the grey ground. You can step on these piles and hop down the cliff. Do so, then take a left to grab a Maiden’s Kiss. Keep descending cliffs as you weave left and right along the path.

- Next area. There’s a divide a short way down. Go left and you’ll find a Tent within seconds. Take the lump on the right and you can make your way to the Headband on the right. Wander west and you can find a save point, and from there more steps to the south. Take the left path to find Metal Knuckles, then take the right path.

- Another screen. West for an Antarctic Wind. Keep wandering along - you don’t have much choice for a bit - until one lump leads you onto a cliff. There’s a Silver Armlet up here. Snag it and backtrack to continue onward. There are two more lumps waiting, the northbound of which leads to Faerie Claws. The lower lump takes you to a straightforward route.

- There’s a gravestone on the next screen. Check it out for a cut scene. That done, make the trip back to Fabul. Don’t go south during a New Moon! Just leave the area! This place is populated by Red Dragons during that phase, and they can utterly demolish your ass. Finish up with the gravestone and leave.

Fabul Castle

- Yep, now you have to redo that whole walking tour in the opposite direction. It’s exactly the same, save for a dire cut scene. Have fun!

- Rush to the throne room. What follows are several cut scenes and some easy fights. Your Monk flukies will be back at full health, and you’ll have a new one to boot, so this should be pretty easy. There’s also a battle between Yang and Ursula and a familiar face at the end, but if you’ve been levelling steadily it should be laughably easy.

- All done. Leave Fabul Castle after restocking and head east. You’ll find a ship waiting to take you to your next destination. Battle monsters as necessary along the way.

Adamant Isle

- Once all the cut scenes end you’ll wind up playing as Ursula. You can speak to the men on your ship to purchase items or rest, and you can go belowdecks to save. Try to leave the ship and three Monks will join Ursula; chances are good you’ll want to off them, as before, so she gets all of the experience.

- You’re now in the Forest. Head south to the first split, then wander northeast. You’ll find a Cottage and a Phoenix Down up here. Backtrack south and follow the twisting path east until you hit another split; go south to find a save point, then north to leave the area.

- Over to Yang. There’s a pot right beside him where you can heal if necessary. The path ahead splits in three directions; the right leads to a Hi-Potion, the left to a Silver Breastplate, and the middle to another screen.

- Back to Ursula. (Yep, they’re all alive again. Bah.) Head north to a split. If you take a left you’ll find a dead end secret passage leading to a Remedy that’s down the right passage anyway. To the northeast you’ll find another dead end that you can pass through; wander west along it to find a small,  grassy clearing with hidden Hermes Sandals. Wander west (there’s a quicker path through the trees by the intersection, as well) and you’ll find a Hi-Potion, as well as the path out of here.

- Off to Yang again. Head west to a split and go north for a Green Beret and south to find a Bomb Crank. Go all the way south to head out of here. That was fast.

- Ursula! The path splits and leads to two different screens. There’s a save point along the northern path, and exploring up here will net you a Cottahe, but it’s kind of off the beaten path to head that direction. Go right from the split and keep going right until you find a Rune Armlet. Head north a screen, then east a screen, east one more (look north of here for Hell Claws and another screen north for Phoenix Down), then south two. There’s a Bronze Hourglass hereabouts. Keep following this path west, south, and east until you make your way to a save point. Further east you’ll come to palm trees… and lingering here, a boss battle.


This isn’t quite a scripted fight, but it’s close. Adamantoise only uses physical attacks, and doesn’t take much damage unless you use Ursula’s Tenketsu attack, which she gains during the fight. Repeated uses of that and Yang’s normal attack will finish the battle quite handily. If the Monks survive - meh - have them heal Ursula and Yang. Winning will earn you the Twin Wing Frenzy Band… and, uh, Palm Oil. Yay.

- Head back to the beach, wandering in a sort of northwesterly fashion. It’ll take some doing, but eventually you’ll make it back the way you came. Hopping back onto the ship will take you away from Adamant Isle and end the chapter.