Upon completing Yang’s Tale you’ll be shunted back to Fabul, just before you departed for the Adamant Isle. You can find the entrance to the Challenge Dungeon within Fabul Castle, just inside the Inn. The extraneous Monks have been removed from your party, so there’s no need to worry about them absorbing all that delicious experience.

Yang’s Challenge Dungeon is about as simple as they get, though that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy. The Challenge Dungeon consists of a series of straight corridors, each packed with random encounters and leading to treasure chests. The deeper you get, the stronger your enemies become - but the greater the reward when you reach a treasure chest. Chests are randomized, so there’s no telling what you’ll get. (Though the majority of items you get prior to the final chest are one-shot restorative dealies.) Each chest contains a monster, so be prepared to scrap for your reward. You’ll receive five chests per visit. The final treasure chest may contain the following:
  • Adamantite
  • Black Belt Gi
  • Black Cowl
  • Cat Claws
  • Chakra Headband
  • Elixir
  • Hell Claws
  • Hyper Wrist
  • Rose Twine Dress
  • Silver Apple
  • Soma Drop
  • X-Potion
It’s important to note that there are two doors in each treasure room, but their destinations are set each time. Go through the right door and you’ll continue the Challenge. Go through the left door, however, and you’ll find an exit - though you’ll still have to battle to get through.