Damcyan Castle

- After a string of long cut scenes you’ll gain control of Edward. Wander around the Castle. There’s a Potion in a jar between the shops on the ground floor, and in a room on the east wing you can find chests containing Spider Silk and a Bomb Core. You have to go south from the stairs to reach the latter. Last, have a look at the eastern flowerbeds outside the castle to find a Bronze Tail. This is not useful yet, but it’ll come in handy later. Head to Edward’s chamber (northeast tower) and climb into bed when you’re done looking around.

- After snoozing, leave bed and head for the Castle’s entrance in the south. Upon leaving, Guards A, B, and C will all join the party. Edward’s weak as sin, so he needs the help. Before leaving Damcyan, pop back into the Castle and wander along the eastern wall until you find a door leading to the treasury. On the first floor you’ll find a Hi-Potion, a Phoenix Down, and a Longsword; on the second you’ll find an Antarctic Wind, four Potions, a Hi-Potion, a Silver Armlet, Eye Drops, and a Phoenix Down. Check chests and pots alike. 

- Get into a battle. You’ll notice two things: a) Your characters don’t do much damage and b) The enemies don’t do much damage either. Unfortunately, they still do too much damage to kill the generic Guards and let Edward level on his own. Unless you’re willing to grind for a while, keep the Guards alive. (It takes freaking forever to kill them as it is.)

- Head northeast from Damcyan. You’ll find the Impact Crater waiting.

Impact Crater

- Head south after entering. There’s a restorative pot and a Potion down here. Return north, then turn northeast. In the north you’ll find two paths, one on the left and one on the right. The left leads to a Hi-Potion; the right leads onward. (And an Iron Armor to your right.)

- You’ll reach another screen fairly soon, as well as another split in the path. South of this split is a Potion. To the east is yet another split; north leads to a Beret. South leads to a third screen.

- Almost there. Go as far south as you can to find an Ether, then turn back and head east. After a cut scene and a short jaunt you’ll wind up at a save point. South of it you’ll find two chests containing a Tent and Stardust, the former of which is useful if you were low on HP. 

- Further south (stay on the high ground to the left) you’ll find Harley, Edward’s assistant, who will join the party. Harley possesses Piercing Sight, which dispels boosts on enemies and gives them new weaknesses, and Gil Toss, which lobs money at enemies and can do a lot of damage. (Truth be told, though, Harley sucks quite a bit. Her stats are terrible.) Once you find Harley you can leave the area from the way you came. Check the rocks near Harley for another Bronze Tail.

- One thing to note here: though Harley sucks, she does have the Economical Ring equipped, which doubles the effectiveness of healing items when they’re used in battle. This is okay for anybody, but it’s great for Edward, as he can use healing items on multiple people at once. Swap owners immediately and don’t look back.

- Return to Damcyan. Head to the throne room for a cut scene, then purchase new weapons for your team. That done, head out of Damcyan and head south to the next dungeon. (You can also go to the Antlion Den now, but you’ll be forced to do that later anyway, so… meh.)

- Damcyan Flowers. ‘kay.

Underground Lake

- The entrance to the Underground Lake is just south of Damcyan, in the mountains. The enemies in here are a bit tougher than the ones you fought outside, but they’re still pretty easy. Get up onto dry land and head south; you’ll find an Antarctic Wind and an Arctic Wind on the way to the next area.

- B2. To the south is a set of stairs leading to a Hi-Potion and a Cottage. Climb into the water in the northeast and you’ll find a gap in the waterfall to the far north. It emerges into a small room with stairs to the next area; before going down them, check the bottom-left corner of the room for a hidden path to a Bronze Tail. You won’t be able to see the chest.

- You’ll emerge into the Underground Waterfall fairly soon. Head south and you’ll see a rock in the water; check it for another Bronze Tail. To the right is another set of stairs leading back outside, though the dungeon ain’t done yet.


- South of the entrance is a Hi-Potion and an Iron Sword. Grab both and swing back north, then west and south. There’s a Bomb Crank and a Hi-Potion to your left, on a lower level.

- B2. There’s a secret passage to your immediate left; it leads north and east to a chest containing 1,000 gil. Return to the first corridor and head south. There’s a Phoenix Down on your left, and if you pass through the wall on the left you can find a slightly shorter route to the exit in the south.

- B3. Follow the bridges east until the path splits. Go south first to find a Heavenly Wrath and a Zeus’s Wrath, then backtrack and take the northern route to another area.

- B2. Head west. There’s a Hi-Potion in the north and a save point on the far west where you’ll hit a cut scene and a free heal. Head east when you’re back in the main room, then, at the next split, go left to find a Zeus’s Wrath. Head right and down into the water, then head north. You can get back on dry land in two spots; go up the left stairs to find a Hi-Potion. The right leads to the exit.

- Almost done. Head east along the northern wall until you can get down into the water. Once you’re wading, go north up the first waterfall you see to find an Ether. Backtrack south, then go southwest through the water. There’s a much larger waterfall down here, and you can pass through it to find a secret room containing a Coeurl Whisker, a Remedy, and a Chain Whip. Back outside, take a look to the far west for a rock containing a Bronze Tail.

- Return to the entrance and head south. You’ll find a Bestiary in the bottom-left corner. Take the bridge leading east to find the exit, but before using the exit, go north along the next bridge. There’s a Hi-Potion and a Silver Breastplate up here. There’s also a little boy who will trade Silver Tails for your Bronze Tails, and then Gold Tails for Silver Tails… though you won’t have enough for Gold Tails yet. Yes, these do eventually serve a purpose, though not in this Tale.


- After emerging from the Waterway you’ll wind up in a desert. Kaipo sits to the southwest, across the sands. Upon entering you’ll hit a cut scene, and Harley will collapse and leave the party. The Guards will follow suit. So, yes, you get to wander around as weakling Edward for a while.

- Have a look around Kaipo the next day. There’s a Potion in a pot just north of the weapons shop, and both shops contain items you should buy for Edward. Buying some Hi-Potions at the inn is also advisable. He’s going to need the extra protection for the next leg of the game…

- … because now you have to walk all the way back through the Waterway. With just Edward. The Dark Harp will help make killing enemies a whole lot easier, but it’s still going to be a long slog. You should still try to fight the majority of the enemies so Edward can soak up all the extra experience their deaths afford him. He’ll become (relatively) potent after a handful of battles.

- Once you’re in the Damcyan area, head east and look south of the Impact Crater to find the Antlion’s Den, your next objective. Make sure you buy several Tents before entering.

Antlion’s Den

- B1. To the left of the entrance you’ll find a Zeus’s Wrath and a Hi-Potion. Head south along the west side of the chamber and you’ll find two more chests containing an Antarctic Wind and a Spider Silk. Head back northeast and you’ll find a Gold Needle in the northeast corner (higher ground)  and a Tent (lower ground, beneath the bridge). The exit is also over here.

- B2. There’s a Hi-Potion to the south. There’s also a door leading to a small room containing a Lamia Harp. It’s useful for confusion, but the Dark Harp is better overall. Head back outside and wander west and north; you’ll find stairs leading back to B1, including a save point, a Bomb Fragment, a Zeus’s Wrath, and a Decoy. Return to B2 and look north of the stairs to find an Antarctic Wind, then west to find a Hi-Potion. In the far south (there’s nothing else here) you’ll find the exit.

- B3, aka the Antlion’s Nest. There are three Antlions here, in the middle of the nest, and if you check one it will yield up a Sand Pearl. Problem is, they’ll only do so during a Full Moon. Either wait until the appropriate time, or, more practically, use a few Tents to hit a Full Moon.

- Make your way back through the Waterway. Yes, again. When you’re a short way in you’ll hit a cut scene, and it’ll sweep you to the other end in an instant. (You’re also right in front of the large waterfall with the hidden treasures, if you missed it last time.) Return to Kaipo from here and use the Sand Pearl on Harley (from the inventory) to heal her. The party is reunited!

- Leave Kaipo and head east. You’ll find a dock waiting on the east coast. The ship here will spirit you off to Baron.


- The area surrounding Baron has the strongest enemies you’ll experience in the chapter short of the Challenge Dungeon, so if you want to level up this is the place to do it. By now Edward and Harley should, with the help of Gil Toss, be able to handle clusters of foes on their own; kill off the Guards so your other two will reap the benefits of these battles.

- Enter the town of Baron first. There’s a Potion in the pot to the right of the entrance, a Gold Needle, a Cross, and Echo Herbs in the inn (check the ‘secret’ room), a Potion in a barrel beside the armour store, a Silver Tail in the armour store (check the right wall for a secret passage that will take you to the weapon’s shop), and a Bronze Hourglass / Remedy in the pool in the southeast corner of town (accessible via the water pool in the north). Along the way you can also find a Bronze Tail in the water, to the left of the three waterfalls. Last, you can find a Hi-Potion, a Tent, and a Phoenix Down in the grassy field in the northwest section of town, accessible by walking through the trees in the northeast. You’ll have to hunt through the grass to find all three.

- Head to Baron Castle and speak to Cecil in the throne room. That done, return to the ship to watch a cut scene. This will bring the chapter to an end.