Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- created by Square Enix.
Images used for educational purposes only.
Baron Castle

- After a short introductory cut scene you’ll wind up with a small party consisting of Cecil and Rosa. Head downstairs to leave Cecil’s room.

- There are two doors to choose from in the adjoining courtyard; the upper door leads to a dead end and a save point. Use the save point if you wish, then head through the southern door.

- This door leads to the Castle’s main hallway. There are plenty to people to talk to if you explore the Castle’s main floor, but they’re functionally useless. The only room of interest is the ‘secret’ one on the right side of the main hall, accessible via a button beside the door. Inside you’ll find chests containing a Dry Ether, a Tent, and 4,800 gil.

- Leave the Castle through the front door and you’ll wind up on an airship. Board and speak to Biggs (the dude at the wheel) to depart for their next destination, Damcyan.

The Feymarch

- Hop to Rydia. You’re now in the Feymarch, land of summons. Aside from a pair of chests containing an Alarm Clock and a Phoenix Down in the upper-left house, there’s nothing of interest on the Feymarch’s lower level. Use the transport pad beside Rydia’s starting point to jump up one level.

- The upper level’s a little more interesting. Wander counterclockwise around the platform to find a Maiden’s Kiss, an Ether, 6,000 gil, 5,000 gil, and a Phoenix Down. (You’ll need to head south of the starting teleporter to reach this last.) In the south you’ll see a conspicuous, outlined tile snugged up against one of the walls; step onto it to find four more chests containing Yoichi Arrows, an Elixir, a Dry Ether, and a Killer Bow. That done, speak to Queen Ashura back on the lower level (southwest corner of the platform) to leave.

Damcyan Castle

- Back to Cecil. Debark from your ship to wind up on the world map, beside Damcyan. You can wander the continent if you wish, but there’s virtually nothing to see here, and the enemies are so weak that grinding for levels is futile. Pop into the Castle instead.

- Before proceeding into Damcyan Castle, head one square south of the entrance and skirt along the castle walls to the east. You’ll find the Castle Treasury. You can get at the chests on the first floor by hitting the switch beside the right-most cell and walking through walls; they contain two Hi-Potions and a Unicorn Horn. On the second floor you’ll find a Potion, an Antidote, two Phoenix Downs, a Gold Needle, and an Ether, as well as another Potion and Holy Arrows in the pots surrounding the chests.

- Head back to the Castle and pop inside. On the right side of the second floor you’ll find a weapon and armour shop, the only item of which you’re likely to want is a Flame Sword; on the left side you’ll find an Inn. Between the shops you can find a Tent in a pot. Go up the stairs to the right of the shops to find a chest containing a Potion. If you head directly south of the stairs you can find a hidden path leading to the second chest, which contains an Antidote.

- Use the central corridor to reach the throne room. Talk to Cecil’s old buddies, if you wish, then speak to Edward on the throne to open a new room. Follow the twins inside, talk to them both to get them to leave, then try to leave yourself to spark a little cut scene. Another will follow when you do leave, and Yang will join the party.

Mt. Hobs

- You’ll find Mt. Hobs on the world map, to the northeast of Damcyan Castle. The enemies here are tougher than what you fought before, but they’re still pushovers compared to your team. (Make sure to put the Killer Bow on Rosa or she’ll suck at fighting.) Smack ‘em down as you proceed north. There are two doors in the north; go through the west door to find a save point, as well as chests containing a Tent, a Potion, a Gold Needle, and 960 gil.

- Backtrack and go through the east door. You’ll find a semi-spiralling pathway. Follow the path until it splits, then follow it south to eventually find a Cottage. Head back to the split and go north this time to find a doorway to the summit.

- You’ll see stairs ahead. Check the chest near the stairs for Holy Arrows, then wander up the stairs to find a cut scene… and your first boss.

Dad Bomb, the first boss of Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-.
Not too difficult.
Dad Bomb

Though this is a boss battle, it’s quite easy. Dad Bomb goes through three phases: a normal-sized Bomb which only lasts a few rounds, a larger Bomb which swaps between smacking one target and smacking several, and a cluster of six normal Bombs. Use normal attacks on the first two phases and Kicks for the third to enjoy an easy victory. Rosa’s Curaga will keep your team alive. You’ll have two generic Monks on your team for this fight; have them join Yang in rampant kicking on the third phase.

- Back to travel. Head north after the cut scene and you’ll find yourself near some eastbound bridges. Go east to find a save point; go further easy to find a dead end path with an Alarm Clock.

 Wander south along the bridges back west and you’ll find a rocky path leading to a Bronze Hourglass, then take the lower eastern path. There’s a Remedy on your right and another doorway further south.

- You’ll pop out near a chest containing a Maiden’s Kiss. Grab it and wander west. Another chest a little ways south contains a Headband; keep heading southeast to find another area. This final path will lead you off of Mt. Hobs. Head east from here to find your next stop.

Fabul Castle

- Yang and his Monks will leave the party upon arrival. Head upstairs to the throne room to start. You’ll find Hermes Sandals in a pot on the left side of the room and a Spider Silk, Elixir, and Ether through the not-so-secret door on the right.

- Backtrack one chamber and onto the ramparts. There are two towers. Check a pot on the second floor of the east tower for a Bacchus’ Wine and a chest on the top for a Tent, then pop open all the chests on the bottom floor of the west tower to find a Bomb Fragment, an Antarctic Wind, and a Potion, as well as a Zeus’ Wrath in one of the pots. A cut scene waits on the top floor. Once it’s done, Yang and Rosa will leave the party…

- … while Cid, Palom, and Porom all join. Huzzah. Leave the Castle and you’ll find an airship waiting outside that will shepherd you off to another destination when you speak to the pilot. (Though before you get there you’ll have to speak to everyone on the airship, then speak to the pilot a second time.)

Cecil faces down a Trap Down in the Sealed Cave.
These are your worst enemies throughout the Cave.
Sealed Cave

- Before you leave the ship, it’s worth noting that the dwarves on board can sell you equipment. Most is expensive, and you probably won’t have the cash at this point, but soon… regardless, the monsters in the Cave aren’t strong enough to give you any significant trouble, so new equipment is not a high priority.

- South of the entrance you’ll find a door set into the rock, though if you investigate it will transform into a Trap Door. These are high-HP opponents that will one two party members, then transform into other beasts. Difficult - unless you use Palom’s high-level magic and a smack apiece from Cecil and Cid to fry them in one round. Which you should. You’ll find a Phoenix Down and an Ether in the cave behind the Trap Door.

- Back outside. You’ll find a Maiden’s Kiss south of the doorway. Grab it, then wander northwest. There’s another Trap Door ahead. Beat it down, then head inside. You’ll find a Hi-Potion dead ahead, as well as more Trap Doors and a dwarf warning of greater challenges ahead. There’s a Power Armlet behind the first door and a Phoenix Down behind the second. Grab the Ether in the far right chest, then go down the eastern stairs.

- B2.  Head south down the left rope from the stairs to find an Alarm Clock, then return to the entrance. There’s a chest containing a Phoenix Down to your immediate right, and in the north are more Trap Doors. Behind them, from east to west, you’ll find a Dry Ether, an Elixir, a Fuma Shuriken / Elixir / Light Curtain, a Gaia Hammer, a save point (no Trap Door here, thank god), and a Dry Ether / Shuriken. Keep following the west side of the room south to find another Trap Door., and beyond it an Ether and stairs.

- B3. There’s a Hi-Potion and a Phoenix Down on your right and a Trap Door guarding an Elixir. Backtrack and head south to find a semi-hidden doorway in the far wall leading to the rest of this area. This leads to a ringed platform. Check the east side of the ring for an Antidote and a Trap Door guarding a Phoenix Down. Grab what you want, then use the rope in the middle of the ring to descend to the lower section of the area. On the right is a Trap Door blocking a Dry Ether and an X-Potion; on the left is a set of stairs.

- B4. There’s a save point waiting down here, and in the next room another set of stairs. (Ignore the ropes. They’re useless.) You’ll find B5 at the bottom of the stairs, and when you go across the bridge in B5…

Demon Wall, the boss of the Sealed Cavern. Waste it before it gets too close to your party.
Demon Wall, the boss of the Sealed Cavern. Waste it before
it gets too close to your party.
Demon Wall

Another boss battle, though a fairly simple one. The Demon Wall will gradually move towards your team, primarily using physical attacks and Stone Gaze to gradually petrify your party members. When it reaches about halfway across the screen it will start using Crush, which can instantly kill a target. Ideally you want to kill the thing before it reaches that stage. Use Slow to increase the amount of time you have, then go to town smashing the thing to bits. Cecil and Cid are both decent at smacking the thing, but Palom’s Thundaga spell will be your best damage-dealer. Porom should devote her time to Esuna-ing away the effects of Stone Gaze and healing as necessary. Not too difficult, but don’t take too long beating the thing.

- Head north into the Crystal Chamber after beating the Demon Wall and check out Rydia. This will put her in your party - readjust your positioning to shove her into the back row if you fear for her safety - and complete your time here. Have Palom or Rydia use Warp repeatedly to make your way back to the entrance of the Sealed Cave.

- Speak to Luca (the little girl) once you’re back on the airship to trigger a cut scene, then choose to go to your next destination to swap scenes. You may want to grab some Hi-Potions before jumping, however, as your next character will be running solo for a little while.

Cave of Eblan

- Now you’re Edge, a swift - but vulnerable - ninja. You can leave the Cave if you wish, but Eblan Castle is effectively blocked off. Might as well proceed. Edge is by himself, as promised, and though he can fight off multiple enemies, it’s not worth the effort. Better to just run.

- There’s a secret passage directly to the right of the entrance. Pop through the wall to find a Yoichi Bow, then go through the wall beside this chest to find another containing a Remedy. Back in the previous chamber, slip into the water and go through the right wall again and down the waterfall. Keep going until you’re on a path on the far fight. Head straight south to find a Vampire Fang. There’s nothing else in here, so head southwest to find stairs.

- You’re now in a vacated town of sorts. (Play FFIV if you don’t know what used to be here.) If you check the door that’s furthest west you’ll find a Potion and Twin Stars in some pots. Outside this door and to the north, near another set of stairs, you’ll find a pot that will restore your health if used.

- Beyond is the Path to the Tower of Babil. Check the chest right beside the entrance to find an Ether, then head north to find a chest containing a Tent. Before going up the nearby stairs, dip south through the gap in the wall to find a secret path. This leads to a Hi-Potion. Grab it, then go up the stairs.

- The path splits in the next open area you reach. The northwest is a dead end, so take the eastern path instead. Check north to start to find a Bomb Core, then head south. There’s a Phoenix Down on the opposite side of the wall on your right; grab it before going south and back into the previous room.

- Head into the next room. You’ll find three chests on the next path containing a Cottage and two Hi-Potions, and you can pass through the wall on the right to reach an Elixir and Twin Stars. Follow the path far enough you’ll find a Spider Silk, a Silver Hourglass, and two Phoenix Downs. Keep following it northeast to return to the previous room.

- Just beyond the entrance is a door; inside is a save point. Use it, then head back outside and take the western path. You’ll find a Gold Needle up here. Return to the doorway and go north. There’s a chest through the wall on your left; pop through the rock directly adjacent to it to reach a Dry Ether. Continue north to reach a new area. Head to the northern wall to hit a cut scene and swap parties.

The Tower of Babil, the final dungeon in Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-.
The Tower of Babil, the final dungeon in Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-.
Tower of Babil

- Back to the airship. Cid will leave the party. Buy any equipment you can afford to upgrade your team, then head in. This is the last area in the Interlude, so there’s no point saving your cash. Fiery and icy enemies dominate this area; take that into account with your equipment and spell choices. 

- B13. There’s an Ether on the east side of this floor and Ice Arrows on the west. When you try to use the northern door you’ll be stopped by a Frostbeast which you can demolish with fire magic. Doing so will earn Rydia the Shiva summon. (Yes, if you haven’t noticed yet, she doesn’t have any summons. Conspicuous.)

- B12. There’s a Green Beret to your immediate left. Head south from here to find a room with a Ribbon, a good choice for Porom. The next door in line, on the right, contains a Kiku-ichimonji. The last door here will, if approached, bring out a Green Dragon; demolish it with any magic but lightning. Rydia will gain Ramuh after besting the Dragon. 

- B11. There’s a chest on your left containing an X-Potion. grab it, then head to the far east through the twisting corridors to find a Hi-Potion. In the southeast is a door leading to B10, though it’s a dead end where you’ll find an Antarctic Wind and a Killer Bow. Snag both, then return to the previous floor and make your way west along the top of the room. Don’t miss the Phoenix Down just south of the door out of here. You’ll have to face a Flamehound to get through this door; beating it down (with ice, of course) will earn you the Ifrit summon.

- B10. There’s a save point in the room to the left of the entrance to this floor. Follow the pathway north and east until you hit a split in the path. Go south to find two doors. The left door contains Giant’s Gloves; the right contains a weird Developers’ Room.

Developers’ Room

- Well this is odd. Start by talking to the monk on your left. He will battle you… and he’s incredibly weak, despite his looks. Take him out for a Ruby Ring.

- The white bomb on your right will restore your health. Beside him (her? it?) is a black-robed figure who will fork over a Tent.

- In the southeast corner of the area you’ll find machines. One contains a baby; speak to it for an Elixir. Further south is a blonde-haired man who will give you an Alarm Clock.

- In the far west is a little boy. Speak to him for Eye Drops. North is another dude who will restore health and a guy who will battle you for little to no reward.

- There’s a black chocobo south of the entrance; ignore it and continue south to find a teleporter. This will take you to the Developers’ Office. Check out the library and you’ll find more NPCs who will fork over a Soma Drop, and, after a battle that will take forever (but is not dangerous at all - use fire), a Lustful Lali-Ho. You can give this to the enthroned dude in the next room for a Golden Apple.

Tower of Babil

- Back to B10. There’s an Aegis Shield in the room to the right of the northbound path. Head west from here to find the last door of the area; it’s protected by a Tunneler. Not too tough, but you’ll want to use Float to avoid its Earthquake attack. You’ll receive the Titan summon once the Tunneler goes down.

- B9. There’s an Arctic Wind in a chest right beside the door, though you’ll have to loop south and back north to get it. There’s a Hi-Potion in the southeast corner of this area, as well. Approach the central room here and you’ll run into a bit of a scrap - and Rydia will take off just in time to avoid helping. 

Android Soldiers / Deus Ex Machina

The battle starts off against three Android Soldiers, and despite how they look they’re weak as sin. A Twincast or two from Palom and Porom will do. Once one goes down they’ll merge into Deus Ex Machina, a more dangerous foe that will lower everyone’s health to critical - and then take damage as Edge leaps onto the scene. Heal everyone with a few Curagas, then trash the boss with a combination of Thundaga and Edge’s Blitz attack. Aside from Stopping your characters occasionally, Deus Ex Machina isn’t too tough.

- Take the northeastern path to reach B8, which immediately changes to B7. There’s a save point to the east on B7 that’ll allow you to heal up. Use it - use it - then head south. There’s a Dry Ether on your left and a path to another door on your right.

- B6. You only have one choice here, right down the middle.

Rydia?, the final boss of Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-. She's tougher than she looks.
Rydia?, the final boss of Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-.
She's tougher than she looks.

This battle takes place in four stages, and consists of battles with Eidolons more than Rydia? herself. All you really need to do is exploit their weaknesses and stay healthy. Shiva, the first, is weak to fire; Ramuh, the second, is best handled with anything but lightning (Bio and Blizzaga are pretty okay); Ifrit, third, is vulnerable to ice; and Titan, fourth, is vulnerable to just about anything. They’re all at least moderately dangerous, though Titan takes the cake with Quake, which can do about 700 HP apiece. Keep Porom on top of healing. Don’t bother attacking Rydia?, as she’s effectively immune to damage, and won’t do anything besides summon support anyway.

Once Titan goes down Rydia? will bring in Bahamut. This marks the end of the fight, as well as the beginning of another boss battle.


This fight’s a bit trickier. Rydia? has some potent spells, starting out with Meteor (which, mercifully, will miss most of the time), and she’ll spend the rest of the battle hitting your team with Bio or the elemental -ga level spells. These don’t hurt a whole lot, considering, but it gets much worse if you try to use elemental spells, as she’ll respond with all-hitting attacks of incredible power. These can easily wipe your team if your HP is running low. She’ll also use Earthquake if you pull out Rydia’s Eidolon summons, but this is much weaker by comparison. 

You have two options for ending this fight: either hold your magic back and hit Rydia? with physical attacks and summons… or let most of your team die and use -ga level spells of your own via Rydia. She doesn’t take nearly as much damage, even against these painful strikes, and with a few Blizzagas can beat her doppelganger on her own.

Taking down Rydia brings Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- to an end. It thereafter leads right into Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.