Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, accessible via several computers spread throughout Citizens of Earth, is essentially an extended (and somewhat annoying) transit system staffed entirely by viruses. You can use Virtual Reality to travel to distant locations more quickly than it would take to walk in the real world, though eventually you’ll find other, easier methods for doing so. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can pick up in here.

Virtual Reality has several entrances. We’ll begin with the computer on the second floor of Home Town’s School, as it’s the first portal into cyberspace to which you have any access.

- The first area of Virtual Reality is fairly nondescript. The entire place is filled with Viruses as enemies - once you can leave Home Town you can probably take these things - and not a whole lot else. The only thing of note here is a present in the middle of the red-gridded area that contains a Birthday Cake. You’ll find the next area in the far south.

- This space is a bit more interesting. Explore to the north to start, once you can go north. Take a right once you hit the first intersection to the north and follow it northeast until you see some tenuously-connected platforms on your right. You’ll find a Birthday Cake on the other side of the platforms. Then follow the path to your left until you make a biiiiig loop back to the previous intersection. On the way there you’ll find a path on your left, where you can find a present containing a Panacea.

- Head back to the beginning and check to the south. There are three paths down here that lead to differently-coloured areas. We’ll start with the yellow path just south of the purple one where you began. (You can also jump out in Eden Industries by going along the path to the south.)


The path on this screen splits into five, and you need to choose the correct one to proceed. Fail to do this and you’ll loop back to the beginning. (After a screen full of Viruses, that is.) Do this successfully and you’ll find another room with five paths, and, yes, you’ll have to pick the correct one again. This seems taxing, but in truth all you need to do is look along the southern half of the screen for a small, green box that’s lined up with the path you need to take. Do this and you’ll wind up being whisked to the Executive Retreat.

Light Blue

This somewhat-irritating area is filled with darkened paths that often lead nowhere. The southern path goes nowhere, so wander through the darkness along the first northern path and trial-and-error your way to the northeast corner, until you hit some visible terrain. You’ll find an intersection to the south; continue south and east to find a Dirty Chai, then turn back and take the right path to emerge at the Panjama Resort.


The red area consists largely of a series of narrow pathways between columns. Aside from the occasional pit it’s fairly easy to navigate your way to the other side of the area. You’ll find a Spicy Tuna Roll in the far north, and a semi-secret path in the southeast leads to a room containing a Wedding Cake and $1,750.