Epic Battle Fantasy 4 created by Kupo Games.
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Part Two: Ashwood Forest

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Ashwood Chests and Quests
Now that you have an Axe you can access all of the chests in Ashwood Forest. We'll start with the first screen and make our way through the forest, along the same route we took the first time through.
  • There are two trees on the first screen blocking two chests containing a Cake, a Donut, a Chocolate, a Gash Club, two Lanky Roots and four Gash Nuts.
  • There's a copper lock on the screen with the three girls, in the southeast corner of the forest. You can use the Copper Key you got from the chests behind Mighty Oak to unlock the lock and get Berserk, a Honeycomb and a Lemon.
  • One screen north of here is a witch named Blair who wants three Lanky Roots, six Gash Nuts and nine Ogle Berries. You likely got this stuff just wandering through the forest, notably the Gash Nuts on the first screen of the forest. She'll give you Cat EarsBottled Darkness and Cake for your trouble.
That's all for the forest. Back to the village to tie up some loose ends.
Greenwood Village Explorations
Carmella, in the south of the village, wants five Muffins, one Ice Cream and one Chocolate. You can buy all of these things at the Food Store, though after looking through the forest in its entirety you should need only the Ice Cream. (Hopefully not the Chocolate, that stuff's expensive.) Hand it all over for Slime Bunny Ears, a Lollipop and a Candycane.
Outside and to the left of the Equip Store is another chest blocked by a tree. Chop it down to get Cloudburst and two Ambers.
Talk to George in the centre of town and he'll give you an Orange Juice, a Lemon and a Chocolate, just because. Yay George!
in the middle-north section of town you can also enter Lankyroot Jungle. You still can't get far, but with the Axe you can cut a tree to your right and get to a chest with a Beef, two Pineapples and six Softdrinks. Fancy that.
All done side questing? Then it's off to Crystal Caverns. Time to get Lance back on the team. For the first time. Kinda. Depends on if you've played the other games?