Epic Battle Fantasy 4 created by Kupo Games.
Images used for educational purposes only.
Welcome to Whitefall! The team has successfully made their way out of Crystal Cavern, and upon arrival in Whitefall they discover that the town's jewel has also been stolen. Could this have something to do with the mysterious cat-shaped being that nearly got everyone killed in the Cavern? Probably!
Take out the monster beyond the exit of Crystal Cavern to get to a chest containing five Steel Plates, one Honeycomb and one Sushi, then go south to check out Whitefall Town proper. The hunter Jacob here will give you a Viking Helmet, a Ham and a Beef if you bring him five Fine Furs, five Steel Plates and two Solid Spikes, all of which you could find in the Cavern. You can also get seven Snowballs and one Candycane by checking the bush to the right of the Slime Cat.
Speaking of the Slime Cat, you should use this opportunity to hop back to Greenwood, as you can do a few new things.
  • If you light the eight braziers in the town square you'll reveal a treasure chest containing Slime Bunny, a great summon for most battles, as well as one Holy Water and one Honeycomb.
  • Lemsip, north of town square, will give you Talisman Seal and a Paper Talisman in exchange for the Holy Water you just got.
  • Isabel outside the Food Store will give you a Shrine Maiden Dress and a Sushi if you give her two Silks, five Wools and three Paper Talismans. The Wools and the Paper Talismans are easy enough to get. The Silks are considerably harder, and you'll have to farm Black Wasps (tough) or buy from the Item Shop (very easy) to get them, assuming you used ones you picked up earlier on upgrades.
  • Alphonse outside the Item Store will give you an Alchemist's Bow and a Sushi if you give him two Glasses, two Magma Samples and two Liquid Ices, all of which are plentiful in Crystal Cavern.
That’s all for now. Back to Whitefall Town.
A sliding block puzzle! Yaaaaaay!
A sliding block puzzle! Yaaaaaay!
Head west of town square. You'll find an ice sliding puzzle in this next area.
  • Push the top-left block right, down, left and down onto the first X.
  • Push the top block down and to the left onto the second X.
  • Push the now top-most block up and right.
  • Push the other block not on an X up and right to the third X.
  • Push the last block down and to the left to the last X.
Completing this puzzle will reveal a treasure chest containing Wooly Mammoth, a Honeycomb and a Cake.
North of the puzzle is the Equip Shop, in which you can buy a bunch of new armour, accessories and weapons for your team if you've got the cash. You can also find two Silks, one Energy Drink and one Sushi by checking the dresser in here, and if you look behind the house you'll find two treasure chests: one penned in by blocks containing a Fr*ezie Badge and a Candycane, the other containing an Ice Needle, a Microcontroller and five Steel Plates.
The Food Shop of Whitefall. Lookit those yummy fries.
The Food Shop of Whitefall. Lookit those yummy fries.
West of here is the Food Shop. In a bush outside the shop is an Orange Juice and seven Snowballs. Inside you can buy an assortment of restorative items, and if you check the desks you'll gain Panties, a DonutFried ChickenBeef and Chips. You can also go east from here into the second half of the shop where you can buy a ton of items for forging better weapons and armour and upgrading your stats. Check around here for HamCake, a Chocolate CornetIron Ore and a Copper Key. You can also find a path to the north of here into Ashwood Forest.
South of here is a small area with a few girls in a group. There's a path to the west that leads to Greybone Cemetery, an optional area we'll explore shortly. For now, check the spot just above the tree in the south for thirty-two Snowballs and a Blank CD.
Further east is a church. One of the people here has a quest; the other tips you off about the Hammer, in a factory to the east, and the other has a quest. Check inside the church for a Paper Talisman, the bag on the right side of the church for six more Paper Talismans and two Silks and the chest behind the church for a Beef, four Rainbow Gems and five Ambers.
Go east two screens. There are monsters here, if you want a bit of experience, and check the icicle on the house for an Alchemy Set, a Pink Potion and three Glasses and the wood pile for six Soft Woods and three Lanky Roots. Another screen east of here is a back door to an industrial complex you can't access right now. Go north instead.
You're now outside the Waste Disposal Plant, your next destination. Check the crates at the side for a 7-Segment Display, two Red LEDs and eight Snowballs, then grab the Battery from in front of the Plant. Use it on the outlet in front of the door to both open up the Waste Disposal Plant and get the Power On medal.
You have a choice. If you want you can head into the Plant right now and get on the path to the Hammer. Alternatively, you can head to Graybone Cemetery and pick up some extra items. The Cemetery's not a bad option, but because you need the Hammer to make the most of the place we'll visit the Waste Disposal Plant first.