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Part Thirty-Six: Delta Episode

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S.S. Tidal

- Once you've completed the Delta Episode you'll be shunted back home. Head downstairs and speak to your father to receive an S.S. Ticket.

- Fly to Slateport City or Lilycove City and visit the Ferry. Normally empty, the Ferry is now the berth of the massive S.S. Tidal. Flash your Ticket and you can hop aboard. You can either head to one of the destinations listed above or to the Battle Resort, the final major area to visit - one that's only currently accessible via the S.S. Tidal.

- Once you choose your destination (I think this only happens if you choose Slateport / Lilycove, mind) you'll pop inside the ship for a bit of exploration. Start by heading down the nearby stairs; at the bottom you'll find a small storage area, within which wait two roving trainers. Speak to the man in the south and he'll give you a Sharp Beak, then check behind the crate in the top-left corner of the room to find a hidden Leftovers.

Sailor Phillip
  • Qwilfish, level 48
  • Machamp, level 50
Reward: $2,000

If you've come this far, the battle should be a joke. Qwilfish is poison-type...?

Sailor Leonard
  • Floatzel, level 49
  • Pelipper, level 49
Reward: $1,960

Floatzel is a straight water-type. Pelipper... is way too familiar by now.

- Return to the main floor. There's a line of doors in here. Starting from the east, the first room in the north has a trainer, and the first room in the south has a sketchy dude who will give you TM63, Embargo. The remainder of the rooms, save the northern room next to Briney, contain trainers. This empty room can be used to rest up and heal your pokemon.

Gentleman Tucker
  • Rapidash, level 49
  • Zebstrika, level 49
Reward: $9,800

A fire-type and an electric-type. Neither are particularly strong, though bear in mind that Zebstrika can cover fire-type weaknesses as well.

Rich Boy Garret
  • Furfrou, level 51
Reward: $6,120

A normal-type. Furfrou is resistant to physical attacks, but... still not a big deal.

Gentleman Thomas
  • Braviary, level 51
Reward: $10,200

Meh. A strong flying-type, but it's too little, too late to challenge you.

Lady Anette
  • Persian, level 51
Reward: $6,120

Young Couple Lea & Jed
  • Tauros, level 51
  • Miltank, level 51
Reward: $3,264

This pair has not-inconsiderable bulk, and can hit pretty hard. Again, though, their levels are just so low...

Poke Fan Colton
  • Delcatty, level 48
  • Delcatty, level 48
  • Delcatty, level 48
Reward: $3,072

Meh. A team of useless. 

- At the end of the hallway you'll find the front deck. Drake's out here, but he doesn't have much to say. Check the north end of the deck to find Blastoisinite. Once you're done with the S.S. Tidal, have a nap in your room and the S.S. Tidal will dock. Speak to the woman at the east end of the corridor to debark.