Dragon Age: Inquisition created by BioWare.
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The third title in what promises to be a lengthy franchise indeed, Dragon Age: Inquisition picks up the story where Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II left off. Moving beyond local concerns, Inquisition tells the story of the world of Thedas as it is gripped by a civil war between Mages, magic users long kept on a repressive leash, and Templars, their magic-nullifying overseers. Inquisition allows you to choose and mould the nominal leader of the Inquisition, a quasi-religious force that seeks to quell hostilities between the two groups, repair a massive Breach in the sky, and restore order to Thedas.

Dragons will show up somewheres in there.

An action RPG brimming with possibilities, Dragon Age: Inquisition is really goddamn big. This walkthrough is gonna take a while, trust me on that.

Main Game

Part One: Character Creation and World States
Part Two: The Wrath of Heaven
Part Three: The Threat Remains (Haven)
Part Four: The Threat Remains (The Hinterlands)
Part Five: The Threat Remains (Val Royeaux)
Part Six: The Captain of the Chargers and The Lone Warden
Part Seven: In Hushed Whispers (Redcliffe Village)
Part Eight: In Hushed Whispers
Part Nine: Champions of the Just
Part Ten: In Your Heart Shall Burn
Part Eleven: Skyhold


The Hinterlands
Skyhold - Sit in Judgment
Storm Coast


The Hinterlands