Part Seventeen: Lavaridge Town and Lavaridge Pokemon Gym

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Route 111
Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Baltoy Uncommon Both Day Sand
Cacnea Uncommon Both Night Sand
Sandshrew Common Both Either Sand
Trapinch Uncommon Both Either Sand

(Late in the game, once you have the National Dex, you can return to this Route to find new pokemon via DexNav sneaking. A list of available pokemon can be found here.)

- Now that you have the GoGoggles you can enter the desert of Route 111 from one of two different entrances. We'll approach from the southern entrance, north of Mauville. Note that there's no grass in the desert; the wild pokemon here all attack when you walk on the darker yellow sand. There's a constant sandstorm in effect during battle, so accuracy is lowered and pokemon that are not ground-, rock-, or steel-type will take damage each turn.

- There's a trainer to the east of the entrance. Almost directly south of where he's running is a rock that contains a hidden Protein. There's also a piled sand dune just south of him; climb to the top to find a hidden PP Up.

Camper Drew
  • Graveler, level 26
Reward: $416

Stupid Sturdy pokemon.

- Further south, along the rock wall on your left, is another trainer. There's a sand pit east of her; in the middle of it is a hidden Stardust. Near the pit is a second trainer.

Picnicker Becky
  • Cacnea, level 26
Reward: $416

Looks cool, is pretty weak. Meh.

Ruin Maniac Dusty
  • Baltoy, level 24
  • Sandslash, level 26
Reward: $728

Not terribly difficult if you have water or grass on your side. Don't mess with Sandslash too much - it's pretty strong.

- There's a distinct rock formation south of this trainer. It'll be interesting later; right now it's just a heap of rock. Far, far to the south you'll find TM37, Sandstorm. Head back north to the trainer and look to his right; you'll see a dude with a bug net who will give you Safety Goggles.

- North of this dude, along the rock wall, you'll find two small pits. The one on the right contains a hidden Rare Candy. Keep following the rock wall on the right and you'll find a cluster of rocks; there's a Revive in the middle of two of them.

- Continue north as far as you can go. You'll find two Fossils sitting in a pool of sand: the Root Fossil and the Claw Fossil. For some reason your trainer can't pick up both simultaneously, because reasons, so taking one will result in the other sinking and disappearing forever. The Fossils can be taken to Devon Corporation in Rustboro City and changed into live pokemon; the Root Fossil becomes a Lileep, while the Claw Fossil becomes an Anorith. Both are good. (Though I prefer the Anorith, myself.)

- Hop back onto the path to the southwest. There's a trainer waiting nearby. (Why was it only mandatory for you to get the stupid GoGoggles? Clearly they aren't that indispensable.) West of here along the path you'll find another trainer waiting. Southwest of him, through the darker sand, you'll find a Stardust.

Picnicker Heidi
  • Sandslash, level 26
Reward: $416

Ever dangerous, but not that bad. Kinda difficult to fear a single pokemon.

Camper Cliff
  • Sandslash, level 26
Reward: $416

Hey, this looks familiar. Nigh identical, even.

- Almost done. Near Camper Cliff is a hill you can ride up on the Mach Bike. This leads to an eastward path with another trainer, and... well... a spot for a Secret Base...? Also up here is a Hex Maniac whom you must talk to as part of a quest to get both Bikes simultaneously. Don't neglect to talk to her. (Thanks to Carl Bullock for pointing out that the site hadn't saved properly, thus exposing my poor editing skillz to the world.)

Black Belt Daisuke
  • Machoke, level 28
Reward: $896

Oooo, not a Machop, for once. You're gettin' up there. Machoke isn't too bad so long as normal-types stay in their balls.

- That's all for the desert. Make your way out the northern exit, and, for a quick trip, head back to Lavaridge Town. Your rival will transport you all the way back to Petalburg City for the fifth gym challenge... this one with your pappy.

Part Nineteen: Petalburg Pokemon Gym

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