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Route 110

Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Electrike Uncommon Both Either Grass
Gulpin Uncommon Both Either Grass
Magnemite Rare Both Either Grass
Minun Uncommon (OR), Rare (AS) Both Either Grass
Oddish Rare Both Either Grass
Plusle Uncommon (OR), Rare (OR) Both Either Grass
Voltorb Rare Both Either Grass
Wingull Uncommon Both Either Grass
Zigzagoon Common Both Either Grass

- One hint: Buy a few Paralyze Heals before you hit this Route. There are lots of pokemon here that can paralyze your team, and you’ll want to avoid this irritating status ailment. Use special attacks over physical if possible. Poisoning is also common here, though it’s less annoying than paralysis.

- You can’t use Cycling Road without a bike, so head north along the path. You’ll run into a trainer in short order.

Pokefan Isabel
  • Plusle, level 15
  • Minun, level 15
Reward: $960

Yuck. Plusle and Minun aren’t strong, but their propensity for paralyzing your pokemon is very irritating. Take them down with a strong ground-type move, if you can. You can speak to her to avoid a double battle, if you wish, which is probably easier as far as avoiding paralysis is concerned.

- The path splits ahead, though in three ways rather than the two you might expect. We’ll start by exploring to the west.

Route 103

- A fairly standard Route to start. If you stick to the lower path you’ll face these trainers, and at the end of the path you'll find a Guard Spec. by the water's edge.

Aroma Lady Daisy
  • Roselia, level 17
Reward: $544

Roselia can poison your pokemon. Other than that, meh. Flying- or fire-types moves work well.

Twins Amy & Liv
  • Plusle, level 16
  • Minun, level 16
Reward: $128

Gotta hate these things. Nevertheless, they’re standard combatants. As long as you don't send a flying-type out to fight you should be fine.

Pokefan Miguel
  • Skitty, level 17
Reward: $1,088

Ooooo, lots of cash. Otherwise an unremarkable confrontation.

Fisherman Andrew
  • Magikarp, level 14
  • Magikarp, level 16
Reward: $512

Hey, look, these pokemon again. Surprise!

- If, on the other hand, you have Cut, you can use it to slice through a bush near the first trainer on the Route. This leads to a dirt plot with four Chesto Berries and four Leppa Berries.

Trick House

Return to the divide in the road to the east. There’s a small house here called the Trick House. Pop inside and have a look. At first appearing to be a mere home, the Trick House is actually a changing area filled with puzzles. Each time you get a new Gym Badge (past the ones you already have, mind) you can enter the Trick House again to face another puzzle. You can find more information on the Trick House in this article.

Route 110

- Back to the normal Route. Head east and north to find the remainder of your path to the next town. The path is dotted with patchy grass and trainers; most of this stuff is nice and straightforward. Along the way you’ll find a Dire Hit, a hidden Full Heal in the top-right gap in the grass near Youngster Timmy, a Dowsing Machine for locating hidden items by beating the rival, a Great Ball hidden in a grassy gap just south of a Trainer Tips sign, a Revive in the grass up and to the left from Edwin, a Poke Ball hidden in a gap just north of Psychic Edward, an Elixir, and six Leppa Berries in a plot of dirt right at the end of the Route.

Be careful approaching your rival in the grass! This battle is quite difficult, and you should consider saving before you get in a battle.

Dowsing Machine

A fancy key item, the Dowsing Machine is definitely worthy of hotkeying. When equipped the Dowsing Machine appears as a pair of silly-looking antennae on the head of your character. Whenever your character approaches a hidden item, the antennae will stick up a bit and change colour. The closer you get to the item - and, yes, the direction you're facing does make a difference - the brighter the antennae become, changing from blue to green to yellow to red, in that order. Once you've hit red, you're basically facing the item. Press A to pick up the item. Hidden items are found throughout Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, so it's a good idea to equip the Dowsing Machine wherever you go.

Youngster Timmy
  • Poochyena, level 12
  • Aron, level 13
  • Electrike, level 14
Reward: $224

Aron’s a solid little rock, though water will bring it down easily. Electrike is annoying mainly because of paralysis; avoid this with a non-physical attack.

Pokemon Trainer Brendan / May
  • Shroomish / Slugma / Wailmer, level 18
  • Wailmer / Shroomish / Slugma, level 18
  • Combusken / Marshtomp / Grovyle, level 20
Reward: $800, Dowsing Machine

This is probably your most dangerous battle against your rival for a huge portion of the game. Their pokemon cover a wide spectrum of strengths, and can probably target a lot of your weaknesses. They’re also a decent step above the other local trainers in terms of overall power. How you handle this battle depends very much on your starter, though it’s a good idea to use status ailments to debilitate your enemies. This is especially useful when wiping out the enemy’s starter if you can’t target their weakness. Don’t send your starter out against your rival’s unless you have a huge difference in levels - they’re well-versed in moves matching their type by now, and STAB damage is something you don’t want to suffer.

Anon in the comments (thanks, Anon!) also points out that the rival's Shroomish - assuming you have to fight one, which you will if you didn't choose Treecko - can be incredibly dangerous if you attack it physically, as it has the Effect Spore ability. Effect Spore can hit your pokemon with a status ailment, typically sleep or paralysis, resulting in a tumble-down situation where Shroomish can slowly and happily drain your pokemon's health with Leech Seed. Hit it hard with a super effective, special-based move to remove this possibility.

(I don't know the various combinations you can encounter here yet. Once I do I'll edit accordingly. Needless to say, you're going up against fire, water, and grass-type pokemon.)

Collector Edwin
  • Lombre, level 14
  • Nuzleaf, level 14
Reward: $420

Ooooo, upgrades. Neither pokemon is terribly terrible, particularly if you pull out a flying-type pokemon.

Psychic Edward
  • Abra, level 17
Reward: $544

Some day, this evolutionary line will be a real pain. Right now, though, Abra dies easily to almost any physical attack.

Fisherman Dale
  • Tentacool, level 14
  • Wailmer, level 16
Reward: $512

What a mix. If you picked up an electric-type from the Route you should find this battle fairly easy. If not, grass-type will suffice. Wailmer also have poor physical defences, despite their bulk and high HP.

- Once you make your way through the Route you’ll find yourself in Mauville City. Get ready, as this place sports one of the most difficult Pokemon Gyms in the entire game, depending on your team.

Return Trip

Cycling Road

Once you have a Bike, Mach or Acro, you can get up on Cycling Road. This quick jaunt allows you to bypass most of Route 110's grassy sections, making it a solid choice for avoiding weak wild pokemon. There are also trainers to battle up here.

Triathlete Dolph

  • Minun, level 17
Reward: $680

Oooo, so scary.

Triathlete Benjamin
  • Voltorb, level 17
Reward: $680

Bad if it 'splodes. Otherwise, meh.

Triathlete Anthony
  • Magnemite, level 17
Reward: $680

Magnemites are always a little troublesome, but this won't be a big deal if you've already trounced Mauville's gym.

Triathlete Jacob
  • Voltorb, level 16
  • Magnemite, level 16
Reward: $640

Arguably the toughest trainer on Cycling Road. That's not saying a lot.

Triathlete Sloan
  • Plusle, level 17
Reward: $680

I swear there used to be female cyclists in the old games...

Beauty Melissa
  • Goldeen, level 17
Reward: $952

Close enough.

- Beauty Melissa is located to the east of the northern entrance to the Cycling Road, down a narrow grass alley. Beside her you'll find Manectite.

While riding on Cycling Road from north to south you will receive a rating on your riding technique from the cyclist at the southern end of the road. He'll note how long it took to reach his end, and how many collisions you suffered. As far as I know you don't get anything for achieving a good time on this.


- There are two patches of water along the grassy path that you can cross once you have Surf. Explore the lower patch of water and you can find an Elixir beneath the Cycling Road, to the southeast; explore the upper patch of water and you'll find a Rare Candy.
- South of Mauville City is another large spot of open water. Check the top-right corner of this patch and you'll find a building. It leads to New Mauville, an area which requires proper ID for entry. When you first get this opportunity, you will not have such ID. Sigh. We'll explore New Mauville in this article.

Part Ten: Mauville City

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