Idle Conquest created by Code Rift Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.
(Walkthrough underway. I only just started. It will expand substantially in time. In the meantime, why not play the game, eh?)

The Basics

Idle Conquest's name says it all. An idle / incremental game, Idle Conquest is a staunch member of its genre: you must acquire a series of upgrades in order to afford yet greater upgrades, gradually working towards a long-off goal through a series of purchases, resets, and strategic decisions. In this case, your goal is to conquer the world of Ederov.

Idle Conquest's game play is governed by three strategic resources which will pile up over time, depending on the upgrades you've purchased:

  • Gold. Gold is your spending money, and you use it to purchase more buildings and to launch campaigns of conquest against nearby territories. You'll gain gold more quickly than other resources, but you'll also need way more of it to advance through the game.
  • Troops. Troops are used to invade adjoining countries. They don't accumulate as quickly as gold, but you also don't need nearly as many.
  • Dark Knights. Idle Conquest features a Reset capability that allows you to jump back to square one, eliminating all of the buildings you've purchased and the countries you've conquered. The only resource that remains is the Dark Knight, and they will add to an all-encompassing bonus that will make subsequent play-throughs of the game much quicker. More on that below.
Game play is simple enough. You start off with a single Farm, a building that accumulates gold every second. You can then use that gold to buy more Farms, or, when you have enough gold, Barracks, Markets, Arenas, Goldmines, and so forth. Buildings get progressively more expensive, but they also pay off in greater amounts when purchased in bulk. Once you have enough resources you can launch campaigns of conquest via the Map menu, and those countries, too, will add to your resources. You can also use your gold to purchase Upgrades which will allow you to churn out gold and troops more quickly.

Sound easy? It is, but there are some subtleties which you can exploit to make your game go a bit faster.


The backbone of your country lies in buildings. Buildings generate gold, Troops, and Dark Knights for your use. How often a building does so is governed by the type of building, as well as any Upgrades you've purchased for the building. You'll want to create a nice balance of buildings as you play, since they all ultimately contribute to your war chest.


Initial cost: $35
Effect: +1.5 gold per second
Upgrades: Peasants ($500,000), Ox Carts ($4,900,896), Animal Husbandry (854.89 million), Crop Rotation ($1.13 trillion)

The lowest of the low. Farms will help you reach the next tier, and they’re nice and fast, but you’ll struggle to make them turn a significant profit even in massive amounts. Still, their inexpensive price makes them worth getting, and with some upgrades they become fairly potent at churning our extremely quick gold.)


Initial Cost: $85
Effect: +1 Troop every 141 seconds (roughly two minutes)
Upgrades: Conscripts ($550,000), Knights ($8,821,612.8), Mercenary ($2.14 billion), Chivalry ($3.63 trillion)

Not many Troops come out of Barracks, but every little bit helps - and they don’t cost a whole lot, either. The first upgrade will make the Barracks an ideal platform for launching your first few invasions of other countries.


Initial Cost: $210
Effect: +9.13 gold every two seconds
Upgrades: Village Square ($660,000), Coinage ($16,761,064.32), Money Changers ($5.56 billion), Public Auctions ($11.96 trillion)

A slight step up from Farms, and more useful in the long run, especially when you’ve picked up some gold-accumulating upgrades. Nevertheless, I find them somewhat inferior to Goldmines in the long run, as they produce far less gold comparative to the interval between the two buildings. 


Initial Cost: $425
Effect: +3 Troops every 234 seconds (roughly four minutes)

More Troops is always better. You get a great deal more bang for your buck purchasing Arenas over Barracks, and they become very useful with upgrades.


Initial Cost: $940
Effect: +40.32 gold every three seconds
Upgrades: Steel Pick ($1,201,200), Mine Carts ($70,396,470.14), Deep Shaft Mining ($42.01 billion), Metallurgy ($142.38 trillion)

Until you have lots of upgrades, Goldmines will be your greatest money-builder. I recommend investing a lot in them until you’re raking in millions of gold in short order, and even after that they’ll still be consistent cash cows.


Initial Cost: $2,125
Effect: +9 Troops every 350 seconds (roughly six minutes)

Troops! Castles aren’t that great at first since they take so long to accumulate Troops, and you’ll need a ton of money to upgrade your Castles. Wait on them for a while, relying on Barracks and Arenas to build your army.


Initial Cost: $12,500
Effect: +400 gold every fifteen seconds

The cream of the crop for gold accumulation. Slow at first, but ultimately what you want to invest in for long-term riches. Prioritize Cathedral upgrades whenever you can, as a Cathedral that’s earning as quickly as it possibly can will make your ridiculously rich.


Initial Cost: $150,000
Effect: +2 Knights every 700 seconds (roughly twelve minutes)

Though Dark Knights are pretty awesome in the long run, Altars are not very useful for your current play through. I would recommend ignoring these completely until your cash flow is enormous (millions in seconds). Then you can buy a bundle and accumulate Dark Knights quickly, rather than accumulating a slow trickle over time. This will be less and less of an issue once you have lots of Achievements and Dark Knight bonuses to bolster your country's cash flow.

Touria battles Astrila for dominance. The stronger the country, the longer an invasion will take.
Touria battles Astrila for dominance. The stronger the country,
the longer an invasion will take.
Dark Knights

Gold and Troops are pretty self-explanatory, but Dark Knights require a bit more explanation. Dark Knights are the only resource (besides Achievements) which carry over to your next round of play after a Reset, accessible via the Options menu. Each Dark Knight you create via an Altar - and they can only be created at Altars - will contribute to a multiplier which is applied to the output of your buildings. The multiplier increases to a whole number for every 10,000 Dark Knights, so if you had, say, 20,000 Dark Knights, the multiplier would be 2. It is therefore important to build lots of Altars to ensure that your next play through after a Reset will go more quickly.

In addition to the normal multiplier, Dark Knights contribute to your conquests of other countries by increasing your Army Power multiplier. This will allow you to expend less Troops overall when conquering a country.

One other thing to note: Dark Knight multipliers are cut roughly in half for buildings that generate Troops. Don't ever expect to get full output from that number when it comes to conquests.


Building up resources is all well and good, but they serve an extra purpose beyond mere hoarding: the conquest of other countries. Once your version of Touria reaches a certain level of might - specifically, a pre-determined Army Power, along with a certain amount of gold - it can invade neighbouring countries. Invasions typically take a while, and they get lengthier with each new country. Conquering new territory will grant you additional bonuses, as each country provides a set amount of manpower and gold every few seconds.

Below is a listing of the countries you can attack, in order of conquest. Note that the bonuses listed are base numbers only; they will increase if you have Dark Knights.


Requires: 270 Army Power, $50 million
Gold: $25,000
Troops: 50


Requires: 3,107 Army Power, $550 million
Gold: $37,500
Troops: 62


Requires: 6.953 Army Power, $1.18 billion
Gold: 56,250
Troops: 78


Requires: 12,151 Army Power, $1.96 billion
Gold: 84,375
Troops: 98


Requires: 19,169 Army Power, $2.93 billion
Gold: 126,562
Troops: 122


Requires: 28,645 Army Power, $4.15 billion
Gold: 189,844
Troops: 153


Requires: 41,455 Army Power, $5.68 billion
Gold: 284,766
Troops: 191


Requires: 58,812 Army Power, $7.59 billion
Gold: 427,148
Troops: 238


Requires: 82,404 Army Power, $9.97 billion
Gold: 640,723
Troops: 298


Requires: 114,612 Army Power, $12.95 billion
Gold: 961,084
Troops: 373


Requires: 158,823 Army Power, $16.68 billion
Gold: 1,441,626
Troops: 466


Requires: 219,928 Army Power, $21.33 billion
Gold: 2,162,439
Troops: 582


Requires: 305,099 Army Power, $27.15 billion
Gold: 3,243,658
Troops: 728


Requires: 425,059 Army Power, $34.43 billion
Gold: 4,865,488
Troops: 909

Isle of Kalize

Requires: 596,229 Army Power, $43.52 billion
Gold: 7,298,232
Troops: 1,137


Requires: 844,514 Army Power, $54.89 billion
Gold: 10,947,347
Troops: 1,421


Requires: 1,212,356 Army Power, $6.91 billion
Gold: 16,421,021
Troops: 1,776


Requires: 1,772,813 Army Power, $86.87 billion
Gold: 24,631,531
Troops: 2,220


Requires: 2,660,300 Army Power, $109.07 billion
Gold: 36,947,297
Troops: 2,776


Requires: 4,146,299 Army Power, $136.83 billion
Gold: 55,420,946
Troops: 3,469


Requires: 6,860,894 Army Power, $171.52 billion
Gold: 83,131,418
Troops: 4,337

Teluht Isle

Requires: 12,640,614, $214.89 billion
Gold: 124.7 million
Troops: 5,421

Misty Key

Requires: 29,900,060 Army Power, $269.1 billion
Gold: 187.05 million
Troops: 8,470

Grey Isles

Requires: 336.86 Army Power, $336.86 billion
Gold: 280.57 million
Troops: 8,470