Civilization: Beyond Earth Walkthrough: Achievements

Civilization: Beyond Earth created by Firaxis Games.
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Civilization: Beyond Earth Walkthrough Listing

Below is a list of Achievements associated with Civilization: Beyond Earth. This is a raw list for the moment; I plan on separating these into appropriate categories and adding better descriptions when I get a chance. Two of the Achievements are blank, ‘cause, hey, I don’t know how the hell to get ‘em. Yay.

  • Light This Candle - Launch an Orbital Unit. Easily done once you’ve researched any such unit.
  • Mark II - Upgrade a unit. Invest in a particular Affinity to unlock upgrades.
  • I’m On Another Boat - Embark a unit on the open sea. You’ll need to research the Planetary Survey technology (Tier I, two below Habitation) to embark units.
  • The Machineries of Joy - Build any Wonder. Wonders are available after researching specific technologies, such as Swarm Intelligence’s Bytegeist.
  • Game over, man! - Kill a unit in a single hit. Targeting embarked units with a long-range attacker can fulfill this easily.
  • Walk Without Rhythm - Kill an Alien Siege Worm. You’ll find them mucking about just beyond the confines of your territory. Don’t do this until you have some upgraded units, as they’ll murder early units.
  • Enemy Within - Kill an enemy spy. Set up a spy of your own in one of your cities and the chances are really good that you’ll off an enemy spy sooner or later.
  • Patent Pending - Steal a tech. You can do this by sending one of your spies to an enemy city.
  • Energize - Develop a city that produces more than 100 Energy in a single turn. You’ll likely achieve this simply by progressing to the end of a game, as cities get steadily better and better as time goes on. You can also set the city to produce strictly Energy for the turn.
  • What Was Once Only Imagined - Develop a city that produces more than 100 Science per turn. Basically the same as Energize.
  • A Planet the Very Brother of Your Own - Win a game on a Terran map.
  • A Fistful of Dollars - Unlock all Tier 1 Virtue synergy bonuses. Stick to the early stuff when developing your Virtues, in short.
  • Godspeed - Win a game on Mercury difficulty. All up to you.
  • Logic is the beginning of wisdom - Fully explore the Knowledge Virtue tree. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade.
  • Homo Aliena - Achieve the maximum level (13) in Harmony.
  • It’s Full of Stars - Achieve a Transcendence Victory. You need to dabble with Aliens to get this one.
  • That’s No Moon - Win a game on a small map.
  • Mighty Fine Shindig - Develop a city that produces more than 100 Culture per turn. See Energize.
  • Love Long and Prosper - Fully explore the Prosperity Virtue tree.
  • Once Upon a Time in Space - Unlock all Tier III Virtue synergy bonuses. A matter of time.
  • The Sound of Inevitability - Achieve the maximum level (13) in Supremacy.
  • Pale Blue Dot - Win a game on a standard sized map.
  • So Say We All - Achieve the maximum level (13) in Purity.
  • Beep… Beep… Beep… - Win a game on Sputnik difficulty. (Thanks, anon!)
  • Shining Path - Win a game as Daoming.
  • No Bucks, No Buck Rogers - Fully explore the Industry Virtue tree.
  • For a Few Dollars More - Unlock all Tier II Virtue synergy bonuses.
  • That New Planet Smell - Win a game on a Protean map.
  • I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself - Download a mod for Civilization: Beyond Earth. You can do this through Steam.
  • Planned Obsolescence - Achieve an Emancipation Victory. 
  • We Are Not Alone - Achieve a Contact Victory.
  • The View is Tremendous - Win a game on a large map.
  • Moksha - Win a game as Kavitha.
  • The Art of the Infinite - Win a game as Elodie.
  • Phone Home - Achieve a Promised Land Victory.
  • C’mon you apes, you wanna live forever? - Fully explore the Might Virtue tree.
  • Chief Extraterrestrial Officer - Win a game as Fielding.
  • (Pojexali!) - Win a game on Vostok difficulty.
  • I’m in the middle of some calibrations - Play with an active mod. Probably best to do this in single player.
  • Poseidon’s Children - Win a game on an Atlantean map.
  • Resistance is Futile - Achieve a Dominion Victory.
  • Tiny Big Planet - Win a game on a tiny map.
  • Gagarin’s Legacy - Win a game as Kozlov.
  • 42 - Research all technologies.
  • The Big Payoff - Win a game as Hutama.
  • Father of Nations - Win a game as Barre.
  • Aim to Misbehave - Win a game on a duel-sized map.
  • Never Surrender - Win a game as Bolivar.
  • Cylon Computer Virus - Win a multiplayer game.
  • 8 Days or Bust - Win a game on Gemini difficulty.
  • When Maui Came To This World - Win a game on an Archipelago map.
  • Valley of the Time Tombs - Construct every Wonder in the game.
  • Cruel and Unusual Geography - Win on an Equatorial map.
  • Order of Lenin - Win a game on Soyuz difficulty.
  • Fearful Symmetry - Win a game on a Skirmish map.
  • Just Like Voshkod 2 - Win a game on the Taigan map. (Thanks again, anon!)
  • The Eagle Has Landed - Win a game on Apollo difficulty.
  • Steely Eyed Missile Man - Achieve one of each Victory in the game.
  • There is no Try - Get beaten to Wonders ten times. This means beginning construction of a Wonder but not getting the chance to finish.
  • The Only Good Bug is a Dead Bug - Kill 500 Aliens.
  • Grand Galactic Inquisitor - Win at least one game with each leader.
  • Making Way for a Hyperspace Bypass - Destroy 100 Alien Nests.
  • United Federation of Planets - Win at least one game on each map size and type.
  • Rules of Acquisition - Purchase 1,000 tiles for your cities.
Civilization: Beyond Earth Walkthrough Listing


  1. Beep beep beep - Win a game on Sputnik difficulty
    Just like Voshkod 2 - Win a game on the Taigan map

  2. Thanks very much for those. I apparently got Beep beep beep without noticing; Just like Voshkod was a revelation. Also forgot all about editing this article... better get to it...