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Bone Village

- After the events of the Temple of the Ancients you’ll wind up in Gongaga. Once the cut scenes are done, have a look around (assuming you haven’t been here before - if you have there’s nothing new) and head out. Look for the Tiny Bronco on the nearby beach.

- Sail east to the edge of the continent, north to the river running through the middle, and around the northwest quarter of the landmass. You’ll find a clear path leading east, to the northern continent. Debark south of a location that resembles a skeletal monster and wander over for a look.

- This is Bone Village, an archaeological site. You can, for a price, dig here for buried treasure. We’ll explore all the stuff you can find in another article; for now, the item of interest is the Lunar Harp. Place the staff of the dig site as you like, but you ultimately need to dig beside the bottom-left peg of the tent on the upper section of Bone Village. Check out the picture above for exact placement.

- With a Lunar Harp in hand you can enter the forest at the rear of the village. Normally you’d be lost inside; now, though, you can move freely through. Check the trees on either side of the path for a roaming Kjata materia, then exit through the north.

- You’re now on rocky terrain. Look beneath the log bridge to find a Water Ring - equip this on someone now, as it’ll be quite handy in a coming boss fight - then cross through the log and carry on north. One screen later you’ll be back on the world map… but not for long.

Forgotten Capital

- This place is fairly huge, but there are no enemies to bother you. Start by taking a left on the main road. There’s a building on your left on the next screen; inside you’ll find a save point and a chest containing a Magic Source. Continue east from the rear of this building and you’ll find an open, almost arena-like area that will be important some day. Grab the Aurora Armlet from the chest on the lower path.

- Back to the entrance. Go right this time. There’s a house on the right that contains a Guard Source, and down the street is another home, this containing an Elixir. You can sleep on the upper floor in this house; do so to trigger a cut scene. This will allow you to access the lowermost reaches of the Forgotten Capital.

- Back to the entrance again. Take the northern path to find a huge, conch-shaped building. Before it was blocked inside; now there’s a path leading deep down. Climb to the top of the conch to find Comet materia, then take the icy path into the depths.

- There’s a save point down here. You know what that means. Keep going…

- … cut scene…

- … ouch… 

Jenova LIFE

Ooooooh, now that’s a twist. Not Jenova being back, but, uh. Y’know. Ow.


Jenova LIFE is a water lover, and will constantly use water-based attacks on you. These all inflict a normal amount of damage. Have the Water Ring that you found equipped on a character and all water attacks will heal rather than hurt. Consequently, so long as somebody has this Ring on, you can’t lose the fight.You can also render Jenova LIFE useless by sapping her low MP score with Mindblow or Magic Hammer, as every attack she uses requires MP. Even barring these two options it’s not a difficult fight, as Jenova LIFE’s damage output is on the low side, the only exception being the odd Aqualung attack. Use Quake to maximize your damage output, though be wary of Reflect. You’ll gain a Wizard Bracelet for defeating Jenova LIFE…

- … aaaaaand the first disc of Final Fantasy VII will come to an end. Yikes.