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Cave of the Gi

- After a lengthy descent you’ll wind up in an area populated by monsters. You’ll wind up poisoned a lot down here, so you’ll probably want to equip Star Pendants. 

- The first section of the Cave is full of small, well, caves. One of them will open the path ahead; the rest lead to battles with Gi Spectres, vicious creatures that are weak to Fire magic. The only cave you need to check is the third on the path. Pop through. 

- You’re now in an area with lava / blood / who knows. Head north, then take a left. You’ll hit slippery oil that will send you flying into spikes; walk to avoid slipping. Head south from the wall and you’ll find a path to the previous area; here you’ll discover Added Effect materia.

- Return to the eastern path and go north. Cross the bridge on your left, go down the next set of steps, and check down the next pathway on the left. It leads to a Black M-phone. Head back north and go under the bridge to find an Ether. Head back up the stairs, then go straight north to leave the screen.

- There are five tunnels ahead. Go through the second cave from the right to start. There’s a web ahead, and stepping up to it (and any other web) will get you into a fight with a Stinger, a very dangerous creature that can inflict 500+ damage to one character in a single hit. (This does a high percentage of damage, so it will never kill.) On the flip side, they’re great for building up Limit Breaks. Kill ‘em quickly with your strongest attacks. Down this path you’ll find a chest containing an X-Potion.

- Back to the tunnels. Go through the second tunnel from the left this time. Take out the next Stinger ahead, then go left at the first turn. Head south through the blind tunnel, then stick to the left to find a hidden path to a Fairy Ring. Head north to the next web, take out the Stinger, and check behind the rock on the left to find a small hidden path to a chest containing a Turbo Ether.

- There’s a cut scene ahead, as well as a boss. There’s no save point, so don’t approach the big, scary wall straight ahead until you’re positive you can fight the boss it contains.

Gi Nattak

Accompanied by a pair of Soul Fires, Gi Nattak is an undead menace that’s not too difficult to beat. The big man likes to hit your characters regularly, and will take many opportunities to absorb your health. The two Soul Fires can possess your characters, and will use Fire 2 on your characters to inflict decent amounts of damage. Killing the possessed character will bring the Soul Fire back onto the field. Nevertheless, you should focus your attacks on Gi Nattak to bring everything down at once. Your best friend is curative magic, thanks to Gi Nattak’s undead status, and can be mauled with Cure and Cure 2. You can annihilate Gi Nattak in a single hit with an X-Potion or Elixir if you feel like tossing one away; on the less expensive side you can also use a Phoenix Down, though you risk not hitting the guy. You’ll earn a Wizer Staff for beating Gi Nattak.

- Cut scenes follow. Grab the Gravity materia on your way out; once you finish up in the Cave of the Gi you’ll gain the Seraph Comb automatically, a great weapon for Red XIII. (And, yes, he rejoins the party.)

- Assuming you mucked up and got the buggy all busted up, it’ll now be fixed. Head out, hop in, and make way to your next destination.