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- Head south from the Gold Saucer. You’ll find shallow water the buggy can cross. A short ways south of here, not appearing on the map but nevertheless there, is a heaping wreckage in the middle of a jungle. Approach it to enter the outskirts of Gongaga. Save before walking in, because there’s a fight right at the entrance. (This area’s optional, so don’t feel pressured to come here. You won’t miss a hell of a lot.)

Reno and Rude

Not a difficult boss fight. (Barely a boss fight, for that matter.) Reno attacks more often; Rude hits harder, and occasionally uses Fire magic. Both hit a single character at a time. Target Reno, as he’s ever so slightly weaker, and whittle down his health with Limit attacks and strong physical hits. Once Reno takes off, Rude will flee in short order. (Or vice versa.) You’ll earn a Fairy Tale for beating the pair.

- Once the Turks are gone you’ll be facing a split path. Start by taking a right. You’ll wind up outside a ruined Mako reactor. Along the path to the reactor you’ll face rather powerful Heavy Tanks, and once you get to the reactor you’ll hit a cut scene. Check the spot Scarlet was checking on the ruined reactor for Titan materia.

- Return to the split in the path and take the left path this time. You’ll find… another split. Wander down the left path a ways and you’ll find Deathblow materia by a fallen log. Then backtrack (if you keep going you’ll leave the area) and turn right to find the town of Gongaga.

- There’s not a ton to see in Gongaga. Check the first house on the left for an accessory shop, and, up the pole, a weapon shop. Check the house on the right for items. The house south of here has a small - but plot-significant - cut scene; bring Aeris or Tifa here for some extra stuff. 

- There are two more houses in the north of town. The right house contains a White M-Phone; the left contains an inn and an X-Potion. That’s all for Gongaga, though you’ll be back here later in the game.

Cosmo Canyon

- Hop into the buggy and drive it west. The enemies will change a bit; beware the Gagighandis in particular, as they’ll petrify your characters. (Or try, anyway.) Drive across shallow water and through the narrow canyon area until you see a location on your left, then stop. Do not attempt to pass this location. The buggy will break down and you’ll be stuck ‘round here until you complete the next dungeon. Very irritating if you want to backtrack for whatever reason.

- Pop into Cosmo Canyon. Red XIII will leave the party if he was there, and you’ll learn his real name. Shocker.

- There’s a general store in the pair of huts on the far right, past the flame, and against the wall behind the flame is an inn. Ignore them unless you need new items / a rest and follow Red XIII up the steps on the left. The party will separate, leaving Cloud alone.

- Follow everyone up the steps. There’s a weapon shop in here with a nice assortment of new gear. The flier attached to the left side of the weapon stall is for Turtle Paradise. Climb the stairs, have a look in the back room to speak with Barret, then take a left.

- There are multiple doors in the next area. The first on the right contains a materia shop; the second is basically empty; the last, this on the left, leads to a nice view. Climb the ladder when you’re done.

- There’s a large observatory at the top. A lot of plot-heavy stuff happens inside. Pick out two other party members - they’re spread throughout Cosmo Canyon, though you only need to find one to change your party - then return to Bugenhagen’s observatory to get a lesson on the nature of… everything, basically.

- Climb back down to ground level and check out the fire in the middle of Cosmo Canyon. Speak to the team one by one, then talk to Red XIII. This will trigger a short cut scene with Bugenhagen, as well as force Red XIII into the party. Choose another member, then follow Bugenhagen up the steps and into the superstructure of Cosmo Canyon. He’ll open the way to a dungeon.