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Mt. Hobs

- Hop in the hovercraft after collecting Rosa and ride back to the Antlion Cave. From there, follow the land to the east until you hit a mountain range. You’ll have to ditch the hovercraft here to enter Mt. Hobs.

- A cut scene waits at the entrance. Once it’s done, Rydia will know Fire. Fancy. You can now wander up the mountain. Mt. Hobs is populated by Bombs, deadly creatures that can Self-Destruct and do a lot of damage. Kill them quickly with Cecil’s Dark attack.

- Head north. There are two paths up here, one to the west and one to the east. Go through the western doorway and you’ll find a dead end with a save point, a Tent, a Potion, a Gold Needle, and 960 gil. Grab the lot, then head back to the first area and go through the eastern doorway.

- Nearby is a chest containing a Holy Arrow and a northern path. You’ll find a dude named Yang fighting enemies. He’s a powerful physical fighter who can hit everyone with his Kick attack, raise his defence with Gird, or deal significant damage to one enemy with Power. You’ll have to join him in a boss battle.

Mom Bomb

This is a multi-part battle. During the first part you’ll just be fighting an overly-strong Bomb that attacks normally. Eventually it will bloat up, meaning it’s about to explode, hitting everybody for about 70 HP of damage. Survive that and Mom Bomb will split into six lesser Bombs. Simple enough: use single-targeting attacks on Mom Bomb, heal up when it’s about to explode, then use multi-hitting attacks (Dark, Kick, magic) on the normal Bombs. Rydia’s Chocobo Summon is good throughout, and is especially good when you need to quickly clear out the lesser Bombs.

- Yang will officially join the party after the battle, bringing you up to a full five. Head north and east on the next screen and you’ll depart from Mt. Hobs. Wander far to the east along the world map and, eventually…

Fabul Castle

- Land of the monks. Fabul Castle is pretty basic as Castles go, with an Inn / Item Shop on the left and a Weapon / Armour Shop on the right as you enter. Cecil has some decent equipment to buy here, but you’d do better focusing money on Yang’s Claws. Their elemental properties are invaluable if you use them correctly, and can absolutely shred enemies.

- Fabul has two towers. The west tower’s bottom floor contains an Antarctic Wind, a Bomb Fragment, and a Potion, as well as a Rage of Zeus hidden in a pot. A Namingway is found on the second floor, and Yang’s mighty wife is on the third. On the second floor of the east tower you’ll find a Bacchus’s Cider, and on the third floor is a Tent.

- Straight to the north is the king’s throne room. Agreeing to help save Fabul will put you in a series of battles. None of them are particularly difficult, though you’ll be deprived of Rosa and Rydia for the duration. Have Edward heal with Potions while Cecil and Yang attack normally. Eventually you’ll be forced into Fabul’s crystal room, bad things will happen, and Rosa leaves the party. Ouch.

- Leave the crystal room and return to the throne room. With the battle done you can now explore. Check the pot south of the crystal room for Hermes’ Shoes, then check the east side of the room for a button. Go through the door it opens, then head east, south, and further east to find a secret room. It contains Spider’s Silk, a Demon Shield, and Ether.

- Head to the Inn for the night to watch a cut scene. The next day the king will arrange a ship to Baron and give you Deathbringer, a powerful weapon for Cecil. Leave Fabul once you’re fully-equipped, then head for the port to the east of the Castle. A cut scene follows…

- … and so does tragedy. Cecil is now on his own.