A look at a Pal's status in Palworld, including its Hunger stat.

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Your character in Palworld needs to remain nourished at all times, and they're not the only one. Every Pal you capture and recruit into your little army needs to be fed on a regular basis. If they aren't your Pals will lose Sanity over time, resulting in poor workmanship, slacking, and / or sickness. Hunger is indicated by the orange bar beneath the Pal's health, and when that bar runs low you need to rustle up some grub.

This guide will teach you how to feed your Pals in Palworld. Setting up a regular source of food and a place to eat it is one of the basics of base-building, and one of the first things you should do whenever you set up a new base in your world.

The player builds a Ranch in Palworld.

Step 1: Establish a Food Supply

The first thing you need to do is establish a regular source of food for your Pals. You can do this by gathering Red Berries or meat products from wild Pals, but this forces a lot more work on you. We'll try to automate this process instead.

Early on you'll have two options for creating a food source:

  • Create Berry Plantations (Technology level 5). These require 3 Berry Seeds (collected from gathering Red Berres in the wild), 20 Wood, and 20 Stone. Set up one of these boxes and you'll establish a renewable source of Red Berries. With the right Pals you can also automate the steps of seeding, watering, and collecting the berries, though you'll have to look outside the starter Pals to find the right Work Suitability traits. A Gumoss, a Pengullet, and a Cattiva can handle all the steps of a Berry Plantation.
  • Create a Ranch (Technology level 5). These require 50 Wood, 20 Stone, and 30 Fiber (collected while cutting down trees). If you deploy specific types of Pals they will generate products in the Ranch. Chikipips in particular generate Eggs in Ranches, which can be used for cooking. Ranches are also handy because your Pals can sleep in them.
There are more options for food generation down the Technology line, but early on even just a Berry Plantation will do to keep your Pals fed.

A Feed Box in Palworld.

Step 2: Set up a Feed Box

If you have food items on hand you can feed your Pals via the Palbox. You can also feed your party via the menu members wherever you go, which is wise if you're far away from a base. Again, though, this is not an efficient use of your time, as you can let the Pals feed themselves. This is where a Feed Box comes into play.

Feed Boxes are Technology level 4, and cost 20 Wood to build. Set one up and your Pals will automatically go to it if they want some food. The Feed Box must have food in it, however, which is again where automation comes into play.

A Pal eats some food from a Feed Box in Palworld.

Step 3: Fill the Pal Box

Early on you'll probably have to fill up the Feed Box yourself. Grab some Red Berries and chuck 'em in. Once you've upgraded your base a few times and have some Pals assigned to it, however, they can handle the labor on their own. Simply deploy Pals with the Transporting Work Suitability trait, and they should ferry completed goods around for you. Cattiva is a handy example of an early-game Pal with this trait.

Pals will transport all food items to a Feed Box, if one is available. They will also go to the Feed Box to eat if there is food inside. Pals eat whatever's in the Feed Box, though they seem to default to the simplest items, such as Red Berries. This means that you should save the most nourishing foods, such as items cooked over a Campfire, for yourself and your party. Bon appetite!

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