The Inventory screen in Palworld. The game is still early, so the player still doesn't have any clothes. Time to fix that.

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Palworld may look like a clone of a certain other gaming series, but under the hood it's as much a survival experience as a monster-catching collection game. Your character is constantly subjected to a variety of needs, and when night comes one of those needs is staying warm. Your starting clothes - a simple loincloth - don't cut it, and if you walk around at night for too long your character's health depletes, and they can't work as well.

There are a few ways to ward off nighttime cold:
  • Build a Campfire and stay near it at night
  • Craft a Torch and carry it around
  • Build a home - four walls, a ceiling, and a door - and go inside at night
  • Make yourself some clothing
Clothing winds up being the best, most economical way to stay warm during the early seconds of Palworld, so we'll focus on that in this guide. Your character will be out of their loincloth in no time.

The Technology menu in Palworld.

There are a few steps to making a simple set of clothes for your character:
  • First, you need a Primitive Workbench. These cost a paltry two Wood, which you can collect off the ground, or by chopping down trees with your punches. Preferably you should establish your Workbench in the same area as your base, though this isn't a necessity.
  • Second, you need Wool. You can collect Wool early on by defeating Lamballs, which look like round, cutesy sheep. These little Pals are early-game creatures, and should be quite common near your starting point. They're weak, and you can either catch or outright defeat a Lamball to get a few skeens of Wool. You need four total.
  • Third, you need to unlock two bits of Technology, via the Technology submenu: Cloth (level 3) and Cloth Outfits (level 4). You'll need to reach level four at a minimum to access these two Technologies, so go make some structures or beat up some Pals if you aren't at a high enough level. It should only take a few minutes to reach level 4.
The player confronts a Lamball in Palworld.

Head to your Primitive Workbench once you have everything. Here you need to create two pieces of Cloth, which require two skeens of Wool apiece, or four total. You can then combine the two pieces of Cloth to make your Cloth Outfit.

And... voila! As soon as you have a Cloth Outfit in your inventory it'll automatically go on your body. The Cloth Outfit provides enough warmth to roam around at night without the need for a source of warmth. If you prefer the loincloth look, you can remove the Cloth Outfit in the Inventory menu - just keep in mind that you're character's going to get cold while they're running about in their skivvies.