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Guide is a work in progress. I need to add the Recipes you unlock at each Village Rating level. Coming soon!

One of your primary goals in LEGO Fortnite is constructing a village. Not only does crafting a village to your exact specifications look cool, your character needs a place to stay each night - and it's also the only way to draw more NPCs to your side, to battle the many monsters of the world.

This guide will teach you a bit more about villages in LEGO Fortnite. First, though, we need to discuss how to make a village in the first place. (Don't worry, it's easy.)

Establishing a Village

When you start a new game of LEGO Fortnite your construction options will be quite limited. Pick up some Wood and Granite (the twigs and the rocks that are littered all over the place) and it won't be long before you unlock a new construction option: The Village Square. This is a small monument that determines the boundaries of your new village. You'll need to build a Campfie and a Simple Shack to unlock the Village Square.

Village Squares only cost 10 Wood and 10 Granite, so you can churn them out rather quickly. That said, you should probably stick to one Village Square to start, as they require a lot of work. Here are some more things to keep in mind when constructing your village:
  • You can't make villages too close to one another. The game will let you know if you haven't put enough distance between one Village Square and another. They don't need to be too distant, but as a rule of thumb you probably shouldn't be able to see one village from the other (unless you've built something up high, anyway).
  • Try to choose a nice, flat area. You can build on slopes, but you may find the placement of your buildings a bit finicky.
  • Choose your location with safety in mind. The area should likely be clear of forests or other areas where monsters tend to prowl. You'll have a heck of a time building anything if you're constantly being harried by wolves. (Building next to a forest, however, is quite handy, as you'll have easy access to lots of raw materials.)
  • Try to limit your proximity to Coldlands. Every time you walk away from a Campfire your character will start to freeze, which gets annoying (and deadly).

Village Rating

Once you have your village up and running you can check its status by inspecting the Village Square. This opens up two tabs for you to inspect:
  • Village Hub. This tab shows the people who live in your current village (maximum of five). At the bottom is a list of the rewards you'll receive each time you upgrade that village.
  • Upgrade Village. This tab displays your current Village Rating. It also shows what you need to gather and craft in order to improve the village to the next Village Rating level.
There are ten Village Rating levels in all. Generally speaking they unlock more spots for NPCs in the village, unlock new activities for those NPCs, and grant you new Recipes (construction options). You'll need to do a lot of building and exploring to max out a village.

Before you can upgrade a village - which itself requires sacrificing some resources - you'll need to build within its boundaries. Look in the top-right corner of the screen when near your village and you'll see a yellow bar. This bar indicates how much building you've done to your village, and how much more you need to do before you can commit to an upgrade. If it isn't full, then, get building!

Your village will unlock the following bonuses as you upgrade its Village Rating:
  • Level 1 - Construct a Village Square
    • Travelers will visit the village
    • You can add +1 villager to the village
    • Unlocks Double Shack, Log LookoutMap Marker
  • Level 2 - 15 Wood, 15 Granite
    • You can ask villagers to forage for resources, or refine Wood / Granite
    • Unlocks Roomy Shack, Porch Shack, It's Wick, Log Cabin, Wood and Granite Foundations, Shack Parts, Basic Furniture, Small Chest
  • Level 3 - 10 Planks, 20 Granite
    • Villagers will occasionally leave gifts (resources) for you
    • You can add +1 villager to the village
    • Unlocks Bowl and Spoons, White Cutting Board, Glaassware, Oil and Pan, Fort Parts, Traditional Parts, Happy Lamper
  • Level 4 - 10 Knotroot, 15 Planks, 25 Granite
    • You can ask villagers to cook, extract seeds, or tend dirt plots
    • Woodcutting villagers will bring back different types of Wood
    • Unlocks Charming Bed, Cozy Shelf, Book Nook Shelf, Cabin End Table, Night Light, Modest Closet, Off-the-Snap Dresser, Activation Switch, Small Thruster, Large Thruster, Log Cabin, Log Watch Tower, Rustic Parts
  • Level 5 - 15 Knotroot, 20 Planks, 15 Marble
    • Different, rarer travelers will start to show up at the village
    • Villagers receive health and defense bonuses
    • You can add +1 villager to the village
    • Unlocks Log Home, Bungalow, Wood Floors, Wood Parts, Yellow Parts, Log Parts, Pleasant Parts, Rustic Parts, Traditional Endtable, Sofas, Modest Lamps, Edgy Bookshelf, Of Minifigs and Men, The Klombo Incident 
  • Level 6 - 20 Knotroot, 30 Granite Slabs
    • You can ask villagers to smelt metal, refine textiles, and collect gems
    • Stonecutting villagers will bring back different types of Granite
    • Unlocks Grain Mill, Pleasant Pavilion, Detached Garage, Wood Parts, Brick Parts, Pleasant Parts, Pavilion Arch, Drowsy Bed, Blocked Coffee Table, Patches Sofa, Simple Standing Lamp, Striped Rug
  • Level 7 - 20 Knotoot Rods, 20 Marble Slabs
    • Villagers can gift you with Recipes
  • Level 8
    • You can add +1 villager to the village
  • Level 9
    • Villagers can travel to different biomes to gather items, and will bring back different types of Wood and Granite
  • Level 10
    • You can add +1 villager to the village