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One of the key components to any LEGO Fortnite village is the Crafting Bench. Created early in the life of a village - one of the first things, really - the Crafting Bench is used to construct basic tools that your character can use to gather resources, as well as defend themselves against monsters. You won't get very far without a Crafting Bench... though over time the basic crafting items become a little lackluster. Time for an upgrade!

This guide will teach you how to upgrade your Crafting Bench in LEGO Fortnite. You can do it by choosing the Bench Upgrade tab at the top of the screen when you open the Crafting Bench menu. That, unfortunately, is the easy part, as you need to collect some specific items to make the Crafting Bench more powerful.

First Upgrade (Common to Uncommon)

In order to upgrade your Crafting Bench from the first level to the second you'll need to collect two items:
  • Eight Planks
  • Two Shells
The Planks are simple enough. Set up a Lumber Mill (eight Wood, fifteen Granite) and start crafting some Wood. Eight pieces of Wood will quickly turn into the eight Planks that you need.

The Shells are a bit more difficult. Shells are dropped by Rollers, an enemy that appears during the day in the map's Grassland biomes. Most of the time they hide underground, appearing only as a small cluster of yellow flowers, though when you get close the Roller will pop up and, well, roll at you. Dodge out of the way, then smack at the rear of the Roller with a tool / sword / fist. Pull back when it tries to lunge at you, then repeat the process until it dies. Rollers do a lot of damage with their rolls, so be careful.

Rollers aren't rare enemies, per se, but they aren't common either. You'll need to hunt around the Grasslands for a while to find three of them, as they only drop one Shell per Roller. Keep your eyes open for the flowers!

Upgrading your Crafting Bench to the second level will unlock Uncommon Forest Axes and Pickaxes, Recurve Crossbows, Uncommon Health Charms, and Cool-Headed Charms.

Second Upgrade (Uncommon to Rare)
  • 12 Topknot Roots
  • 15 Marble Slabs
  • 6 Sand Claws
  • 3 Sand Shells

Third Upgrade (Rare to Epic)
  • 15 Copper Bars
  • 25 Obsidian Slabs
  • A Brute Scale