Main Walkthrough

Location: Chenghuang Temple
Petitioner: None
Reward: Martial Arts Perceptions, 2,000 coins

In order to trigger this quest you need to find Chenghuang Temple. It's an abandoned building to the east of the 'starting' areas of Wandering Sword, and you can reach it by heading south of Wutong Village, then east past Wild Boar Woods and Lotus Lake. You'll find a bridge past these two locations, and Chenhuang Temple is across the bridge.

Upon entering the temple grounds you'll find a man named Zhou Si being menaced by a Condor School Assassin. Zhou Si is likely to be killed without friendly intervention. You have several options at this point:
  • Stop the assassin. You'll have to battle the Condor School Assassin. He's a ranged hidden weapon enemy, and should only be challenging if you try to tackle this fight before Yi has a few party members to help him. You'll receive the Bloodthirsty Bat manual, as well as a random item, for winning the battle.
  • Blindside the assassin. You'll have to battle the Condor School Assassin. Same results as above, just with less dialogue.
  • Leave. The quest ends.
Once you've saved Zhou Si you have the option of asking why he was targeted. If you decide not to ask you'll receive 2,000 coins and he'll leave, ending the quest. If you decide to ask Zhou Si will explain the trouble he's in - it truly is family drama - then run off, giving Yi the full reward. Either way, the quest is over, and you're warned to be wary of Condor School.

All done? Almost. Before you leave Chenghuang Temple, enter the inner grounds and check in the northeast, next to the main building. There's a chest here, and it contains a Scuffed Coin, Gold Ore, and a Jinxian Crown Advanced Blueprint. Grab all that, then be on your way.