Location: Pingkang City
Petitioner: Xiaoling
Prerequisite: Begin Trip in Pingkang
Reward: Varies; see below

Once you leave Wutong City the world will open up, and one of the nearer places you can visit is Pingkang City, to the west. That said, you won't officially start going there until you begin the main quest Trip in Pingkang, which is about when you can handle the city's side quests. The first you'll come across is in an alleyway just south of the eastern entrance.

In the alley you'll find a young girl named Xiaoling. She claims to have lost her money at the Pingkang Herb Shop, which is a few houses to the west of the alley. Agree to help her, then head to the shop. If you walk near the left side of the front counter Yi will automatically pick up the girl's money. Head back to the alley...

... and Xiaoling will be... gone. Yi will realize at that point that he has been robbed, and the pouch he found was a distraction. (You won't have lost all your money, mind, but still.) You can choose to give up on the quest at this point, or pursue Xiaoling and try to get Yi's money back.

Find the girl

If you choose to locate Xiaoling you'll need to give Pingkang a once-over. Travel west through the city until you come to a Cottage, across the street from a pair of constables (who also have a side quest). To the left of the Cottage is a man named Zhang the Scholar, and next to him is a tree. Xiaoling is hiding beside the tree.

You have two options for dealing with Xiaoling:
  • Scare her. You'll receive 500 coins, and the quest ends.
  • Calm her down. Yi will let Xiaoling keep the money, and you'll receive Martial Arts Thoughts. Quest complete. (And if you speak to Xiaoling again, well... she's a little jerk.)
Never mind

If you choose to just let the matter slide Yi 'turn the other cheek' and give up. You'll receive Martial Arts Thoughts and the quest will end there.