Location: Tancheng City
Petitioner: Liu Xin
Reward: Chiseled Tigerhead Boots, Martial Arts Perceptions, 5,000 coins

To trigger this side quest you first need to find your way to Tancheng City. It's located to the south of Pingkang City and the general starting area of the game. Head south until you see a waterfall, then cross the nearest bridge and keep going south a ways until you see a settlement on your right. This is Tancheng City.

The proprietor, Liu Xin, is the head of the Tancheng Martial Club, located on the west side of Tancheng City. After a prolonged - and unsuccessful - sales pitch, Xin will ask Yi to go look for Tancheng's medical practitioner. Xin needs more healing potions for his Martial Club.

Climb to the northeast of Tancheng City and you'll find Jin Yong, the doctor, outside a house. He's willing to make more healing potions, but he'll need Tiger Bones. (Yong says he needs five Tiger Bones, but the game only makes you get three. Not a big difference either way.) This means visiting Mount Tigeroar.

Leave Tancheng City and travel this route to find Mount Tigeroar:
  • Head north from Tancheng City until you find an eastbound path
  • Travel east past Mount Greenturnip, then turn north once you're on the mountain's right side
  • Cross the bridge to the north and go past the Weiyuan Security Guard Agency
  • You'll see Mount Tigeroar on your right as you head north - approach from the northwest to find the entrance
Mount Tigeroar is populated by a large number of bandits. It's also home to many White-Headed Tigers, and these are the enemies you want to target to get the Tiger Bones. The enemies on this mountain average around 2,500 HP (the bandits are stronger than the White-Headed Tigers), so fight very carefully if you plan to come here at a low level.

Take the Tiger Bones to Jin Yong and he'll turn them into a Potion. Take the Potion to Liu Xin to wrap up the quest and earn your reward.

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