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Occasionally while you explore the world of Dragon Quest IV you'll come across a unique item known as a Mini Medal. Unlike other items Mini Medals do not appear in your inventory, and for a long period of time they seem to be useless. It is nevertheless worth it to grab every Mini Medal you can, as you'll earn excellent prizes if you find enough of the things.

This guide will help you track down all of the Mini Medals in Dragon Quest IV. They're not much use if you can't spend 'em, however, so first we'll head to Minikin's Dominion.

Minikin's Dominion

Minikin's Dominion is a castle in the far northeast of the world map. The only way to reach the castle - at least until you have the Ultimate Key - is to travel there by sea. Once you've recruited Torneko you'll gain access to a boat, and you can use it to sail to the northeast.

Minikin's Dominion is lorded over by King Minikin. A Mini Medal fanatic, King Minikin will keep track of the number of Mini Medals you've found, and when you reach certain thresholds he'll give you prizes. The prizes are as follows:

  • 15 Mini Medals - Strength Ring
  • 20 Mini Medals - Ruby of Protection
  • 25 Mini Medals - Magical Skirt
  • 30 Mini Medals - Staff of Divine Wrath
  • 34 Mini Medals - Kerplunk Bracer
  • 38 Mini Medals - Miracle Sword
  • 43 Mini Medals - Happy Hat
  • 47 Mini Medals - Mighty Armlet
  • 52 Mini Medals - Liquid Metal Shield
  • 60 Mini Medals - Gringham Whip
Tracking down Mini Medals is more than worth the effort, as every item on the list is a great piece of equipment at different points of Dragon Quest IV. You'll need 60 Mini Medals to complete the list.

Fortunately for you, there are more than 60 Mini Medals in Dragon Quest IV. Unfortunately for you, they're all hidden - and some of them can be quite difficult to find if you're not paying close attention to the map. You'll need to check every chest, every pot, every barrel, every cupboard and wardrobe and dresser if you want to hit 60 Mini Medals. 

This guide will run through the Mini Medal of Dragon Quest IV by location. You can't necessarily get every Mini Medal from a location during your first visit, though by the fifth chapter you should be past any restrictions - assuming you've collected all three keys in the game, that is.


  • In the castle's treasury room (Ultimate Key)


  • Inside a pot in the jail cells of Ballymoral Castle's dungeon (Ultimate Key) - twist the camera to find the pots in the cells


  • Behind the desk of Endor's secret Weapon Shop, accessible by hidden red doors in the northeast and northwest of Endor Castle (Magic Key)
  • Storage room next to the king's room, in a cupboard (Magic Key)


  • Dresser in the northeast, by the outdoor bath
  • Barrels outside the northeastern house
  • Containers inside Porthtrunnel's western docks
  • Cabinets on the lower deck of the docked ship on the right
Pharos Beacon
  • Second floor, west of the stairs
  • Inside the well
  • East of Conrad 'Ilton's platform, in a line of pots between two houses
Shrine East of Mintos
  • Go around the western edges of the shrine and twist the camera in the north - the Mini Medal is down an alleyway between the two teleportal rooms
Cave to the West of Aubout du Monde
  • In the hidden basement where you find the Magic Key, inside a pot
Havre Léon
  • Inside a pot in the cells of the town's dungeon, to the northeast (Ultimate Key)
  • Also inside a pot in the cells of the town's dungeon, to the northeast (Ultimate Key)
  • Inside a house on an island to the north of the town, accessible by boat
  • Inside the well
  • In a treasury behind a blue door (Thief's Key)
  • In a pot, located in the underground jail cell next to the Church (Ultimate Key)
  • In a barrel outside a house, near the Pub
  • In a dresser inside a house, again near the Pub
  • In a dresser on the lower floor of Canalot Castle, accessible by sailing in either of the castle's side entrances
  • Inside a pot in the southwestern kitchen
Cove's Cove
  • In a chest on the first floor
  • Inside a dresser in Kirk Buzzer's bedroom
Briny Lair
  • East of the entrance, north, then in a chest on your right (Magic Key)
  • East of the entrance, north, down the path on your left, and in a chest in the central area (Magic Key)
  • Chest near the Zenithian Armor (Magic Key)
  • Wardrobe at the bottom of the well
Cascade Cave
  • In a chest, southwest of the entry stairs in the second cave area
  • In a cupboard, in the basement of Rose's tower
Royal Crypt
  • In a chest on the lowest level, with the teleportal (Ultimate Key)
  • In a barrel, on the small, central island with stairs leading down
  • In a pot, inside the house to the south of the Armor Shop
  • On the north end of the ground floor of the Colossus, in a chest
Diabolic Hall
  • Inside the pots in the downstairs kitchen
  • Inside the ruined dungeon area behind and northwest of the main hall - use the stairs near the throne room (Ultimate Key)
Mamon Mine / Estark's Crypt
  • Crypt - Inside a chest in the hallway with four small rooms
  • Crypt - Inside a chest, next to a Mimic battle and near the chest guarded by the spirit
The Azimuth
  • Inside the cupboards of a house to the north of the Church
  • In the pots of the northwestern house, where a Zenithian is resting
Stairway to Zenithia
  • Inside a chest on a side path, after climbing up a ladder and reentering the buildings - head southeast to find the stairs
  • Hidden inside containers in the room beneath the previous Mini Medal location
  • Inside the dressers of a bedroom on the lower floor of the castle
  • East of the pool where Orifelia is standing with her dragons - check the grassy floor for a sparkle
Doorway to Nadiria
  • In the southeast of the large chamber with the arrow tiles
Castle Nadiria
  • In the poison-filled room, near a pit where you can lower an elevator
  • In the water-filled room with the raft, down the first eastbound path from the entrance - Check the left chest south of the entrance to the watery area
  • North of the first area with monsters, and in a chest to the northeast
  • In the area connected by bridges, on an island to the east of the stairs down to the house that's larger on the inside
  • Inside the second well that's outside the house that are larger on the inside - Speak to the old man by the well to make it appear
  • In front of the graves just after you leave the area containing the Pinnacle Chapel
  • Inside a chest in the southwest of the watery area, after Pinnacle Chapel

By far the best place to find Mini Medals, Pioneer Town works a bit differently compared to the other towns in Dragon Quest IV. The town grows in size as you complete specific tasks, and new item opportunities will pop up as it gets bigger. Pioneer Town will take on five different forms before it is done growing.

Once Pioneer Town reaches its full size it becomes a castle. This radically changes the layout of the area, and you'll lose the opportunity to collect a bunch of Mini Medals if you didn't pick them up earlier. The list below provides the earliest opportunity to grab each of the Mini Medals, and you should do so before advancing Pioneer Town to the next stage of growth.
  • Town Phase 1 - Barrels inside Rocky and Adrian's home, in the north
  • Town Phase 1 - Barrels next to the Item Shop, in the east
  • Town Phase 2 - Cupboard inside the Inn
  • Town Phase 2 - Patch of grass to the east of the Inn, next to the dog
  • Town Phase 3 - Barrels inside the large building north of the Inn
  • Town Phase 3 - East of the oasis, next to the dog
  • Town Phase 3 - Pots outside the northeastern house
  • Town Phase 4 - South of the Item Shop, next to the dog
  • Town Phase 4 - In front of the graves, down the stairs to the south of the Item Shop
  • Town Phase 4 - Inside the pen of Mr. Ned, on the east side of the Inn
  • Town Phase 5 - Barrels in the dungeon, downstairs from the Casino
  • Town Phase 5 - Containers upstairs from the kitchen in the southwest
  • Town Phase 5 - Cabinets in the room of Snowy, in the northeast of the castle
  • Town Phase 5 - Barrels in the room of Snowy, in the northeast of the castle
  • Town Phase 5 - By the fountain outside and in the middle of the castle, near the roaming dog
  • Town Phase 5 - Speak to Sultan Farog twice after returning him to human form

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