Part 6: Cave of Trial and Vane

A new task in hand, Alex, Luna, Nash, and Nall are sent to Lann, a remote fishing village. To reach Lann you'll first need to travel through the Nanza Pass, which is located along the road to the southwest of the Goddess Tower and the Althena Shrine. You could've visited this area before, but now that you've visited Vane you can actually get through.

Nanza Pass (East)

  • Antorian - 40 HP - Melee enemy
  • Death Mutt - 48 HP - Can Paralyze targets
  • Giga Wasp - 49 HP - Can put targets to Sleep - Weak to Fire
  • Mud Cyclops - 59 HP - Melee enemy
The eastern section of the Nanza Pass is pretty straightforward. Head north from the entrance and you'll see a chest on your right. If you open it you'll trigger a trap, and your party will enter a battle with Giga Wasps - and all three party members will be Confused. Not terrible, but annoying. You can safely skip this chest. Look southeast of the trapped chest to find a normal one containing 50 silver.

Head southwest of the locked chest to find a huge clearing. Ignore the majority of the clearing - unless you want to fight monsters - and head south. You'll find a thin channel in the rocks leading to another clearing. Take a right and look north to find a chest containing an Herb. South of here and on your left you'll find a chest containing another 50 silver.

Head east to find a slope. Continue looking east at the bottom of the slope and you'll find a chest containing an Herb. South of this chest is another one, and it contains another trap, same as last time. You can skip this chest too. West of this chest you'll find a more or less straight path to your next destination, the Nanza Barrier.

Nanza Barrier

A ramshackle fortress full of benevolent bandits, the Nanza Barrier is a crossroads in the mountains. The guy controlling the eastern gate will let you through on Nash's say-so, though when you try to pass through the western gate you'll be rebuffed by the guard. He demands that you get permission from Kyle, the fort's boss.

This next section will force you to follow Kyle, who appears to be on a drunken adventure, through the buildings of the Nanza Barrier. Head to the following areas in this order:
  • Climb to the second floor of the fort via the tower near the statue of Althena
  • Enter the tower on the east side of the fort and speak to the girl at the top of the tower
  • Descend to the fort's lowest level via the stairs in the eastern tower
  • Head to the mess hall, the large room south of the stairs, and speak to the girl in red sitting at one of the eastern tables
  • Speak to the guy with the blue hair in the bedroom near the stairs in the northeast
  • Check the middle jail cell in the northwestern jail

Yep, that's Kyle. He's... he's something. The prison guard will agree to let you go through the western gate so long as you leave Kyle alone, which is just great. Aside from a locked, red chest in the southern barracks containing a Diamond Necklace - some day you can open these things - you're done with the Nanza Barrier, so head back the way you came and use the western gate to leave.

Nanza Pass (West)

Back to the wilderness. You'll be fighting the same monsters in this section of the Nanza Pass as before, though this area is much smaller than the eastern pass. To the south of the entrance you'll find a third trapped chest - ignore it - and far to the west you'll find the exit. There's a clearing before the exit, and you'll find a chest here containing a Star Light. All done.