Part 2: Combat Tutorial in the White Dragon Cave

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Weird Wood


  • Flytrapper - 27 HP - Can Poison your characters
  • Goblin - 41 HP - Can Poison your characters
  • Gorgon - 38 HP - High defense, can Poison your characters
  • Scythe Spore - 32 HP - High defense, can Poison your characters

The journey begins. If you made sure to fight the majority of enemies you encountered in the White Dragon Cave your team should be around level six or seven, which is plenty strong to tackle the Weird Woods. Get Alex up to level nine and you'll have an especially easy time, as he'll gain an extra attack per turn. You should nevertheless stock up in Burg's Weapon Shop, outfitting everyone in the party with the best equipment you can buy, before delving into the Weird Woods. 

The woods are as foggy as the previous day, but Luna will find a way to clear the path. Head north from the entrance, then west. There's a southbound path shortly after you veer left, and at the end you'll find a chest containing an Antidote. This is a hint of enemies being able to Poison you in the Weird Wood, a status ailment you should try to avoid if at all possible. Luna can heal Poison with Purity Song, though you're better off just trying to end the fight.

Continue west and you'll hit an intersection. Start by heading north. Ignore the next left and continue north to find a chest containing an Antidote, then backtrack and head left to find another chest, this one containing a third Antidote. Follow the path south of here (which connects to the intersection from earlier) and you'll find another chest, this containing... an Antidote. Notice a trend yet?

Head west of the previous chest. Ignore the next northbound path and keep going west to find a chest containing an Antidote. Continue west of here, again ignoring the northbound paths, and you'll come to a chest that finally contains something else - in this case, an Herb. Exciting.

Backtrack and head north. You'll see a little ledge on your right. Continue north to find a chest containing an Herb, then head back to the ledge and go east. Through the trees you'll find a chest containing an Antidote. Follow the path northeast and you'll hit yet another chest, inside which is an Herb.

West of this chest you'll hit a clearing. Just north of the entrance to the clearing is a small side path, and if you investiate it thoroughly you'll find a locked red chest hidden behind a tree. Come back here later, once you can open these chests, and you'll find a Wrath Ring inside.

Head to the northwest of the clearing. Before you can exit the group will be surrounded by monsters, and driven into a tight spot. A fellow named Laike will appear, and he'll offer assistance. You have two options:

  • Accept Laike's help. He'll join the party for the next battle, and he's ridiculously powerful. Laike will demolish most of the monsters on his own.
  • Say you have things under control. You'll need to fight a pack of eight monsters... and then you'll have to do it again... and then again. Accept Laike's help at any point during these battles and they will end. Luna's Temptation Song (level 7) is very helpful here, as it can put enemies to Sleep and lower their defenses. Alex's Explosion Staff (level 10) is also quite good if the enemies clump up in groups. If you want to maximize your experience gains while minimizing risk, accept Laike's help on the third battle.
Laike and the party will set up a camp in the aftermath of the battle, and the ensuing conversation will vary a bit based on whether Laike joined the fight or not. He'll be gone by the morning either way, so don't expect any further help from that tactical nuke of a character.

Head north of the campsite the next morning and follow the northwestern path. You'll find one final chest, this containing an Herb, and a little ways south you'll exit the Weird Woods.

Main Walkthrough